Open Line Friday–Who Taught YOU to Sew?

Black and White, Vintage Sewing Notions


Yeah, it’s Friday!  Time for my favorite post of the week…Open Line Friday…Anyone asks…Everyone answers!

But first a…


I LOOOVE your comments—-even when I don’t respond!

I read them all and truly enjoy hearing from you!

I often use ideas from your comments when I am planning and writing new posts.

I do my best to answer direct questions.  If I haven’t answered your question–please just ask it again (my kids have learned to do this, too.)  I won’t take it personally if you ask multiple times–and you shouldn’t either….

YOU are the reason I continue blogging…so keep the comments, questions, profound thoughts, silly stories, and family updates coming…YOU KNOW…

“I love to hear!”

Black and White, Vintage Sewing NotionsOPEN LINE FRIDAY

I thought I’d start the ball rolling…(or should I say “the spool rolling”?)

Who taught YOU to sew?  What are your earliest memories of sewing and needle crafts?

Black and White, Vintage Sewing Notions

Black and White, Vintage Sewing NotionsIt also brings me to another question…

Have YOU taught anyone else to sew or quilt?

I’d love to hear….


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