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Free Motion Quilted Tea CupsI’ll start the kettle boiling…

When you have a little leisure time  AND you’re not quilting…what else do you enjoy?

Free Motion Quilted Tea CupsI’d love to hear!

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Quilt Marking Tools


Do you have trouble choosing the right marking tool for your quilts?

If so, you are in good company…

As we discussed on Open Line Friday, Does the Perfect Marking Pen Exist…choosing a marking tool for fabric is always a challenge.

Many quilters like the blue washable markers–but we’ve all heard some horror stories of the ink returning to spoil a quilt.  I gave up on these markers years ago…every time I reached for mine–DRY!  Keeping a supply of working blue pens was just impossible–and too expensive…

Quilt Marking PensThus began my search…


A good marking pens for quilt MUST be:

  • Easy to see
  • Easy to erase
  • Strong–not too breakable…
  • Reasonably priced

Quilt Marking Pens

Quilt Marking PensThe Dritz Chalk Cartridge Set

Go-to marker for all types of marking.  (Slightly thick line–can be sharpened.)

With several colors in the package, it is easy to see.

Removes easily with light brushing.  Occasionally requires a little water to remove.

Rarely breaks and comes with a sharpener.

Price:  $12–lasts forever.

Quilt Marking PensThe Clover Pen Style Chaco Liner

The perfect choice when drawing straight lines, especially when using a straight line stencil.  (Does not mark well on curved lines.)

Available in three colors.  Easy to see.

Easy to remove with light brushing.


Price-$7.  Lasts a long time.  Refills available.

Quilt Marking PensFons and Porter Mechanical Pencil

Great when fine lines are required.

Comes in two colors.  Easy to see.

Easy to remove with white eraser or by rubbing with a damp cloth.

Breakage–this pencil does break a bit–otherwise it might be “The Perfect Quilt Marking Pen”.

Price- $12.  Lasts a long time–though some waste of leads due to breakage.

Quilt Marking PensPilot Frixion Pens

Highly recommended by many quilters.

Many colors–not white.  Easy to see especially on light fabric.

Removes readily with STEAM!–though a light trace remains–which removes easily with laundering.

Does not break

Price – $12 for a pack of five. (Best Value)

Quilt Marking PensClover White Marking Pen

Fine white line–takes several seconds to appear.

Easy to see especially on dark fabrics.

Iron to remove.  A faint trace may remain even after laundering.

Price-$7.  Lasts a long time.

Quilt Marking PensSoapstone Marker

Dull line.

Light.  Can be hard to see.

Easy to remove with brushing.

Rarely breaks.

Price-$12–Lasts forever.

Quilt Marking PensLike most sewing notions, YOU need to be the judge for YOUR projects, YOUR temperament and YOUR budget.

What are YOUR favorite quilt marking pens?

I’d love to hear!



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The Sailboat-Free Motion Quilt Project

Sailboat Free Motion Quilt ProjectDid you have time to try The Wave free motion quilt tutorial?

It’s a great summer pattern–and goes perfectly with The Sailboat free motion quilt tutorial.

Sailboat Free Motion Quilt Project

Add a few Spirals-free motion quilt tutorial

Sailboat Free Motion Quilt ProjectAnd a good measure of sunshine…for a perfect little quilt–ready to be bound or framed.

Sailboat Free Motion Quilt ProjectThis is the perfect backing…

Sailboat Free Motion Quilt ProjectTHE BENEFITS OF SMALL QUILTS

A little project like this is a great way to practice the tutorials…

  • Your work will be improved when you are trying to create a “finished project” rather than a “practice piece”.
  • By working on a small project, one learns the motifs without the heavy work of maneuvering a quilt–once you’ve mastered the pattern, THEN it is easier to stitch on a full-sized quilt.
  • You learn composition and design from small projects.
  • There’s a sense of accomplishment from finishing a small piece without creating any new UFOs–“unfinished objects”

Sailboat Free Motion Quilt Project



For more nautical-themed ideas:  try converting The Sailboat free motion quilt motif into an allover free motion motif 

For an applique project :  Float My Boat

A popular post : Anchor’s Aweigh!–another small quilt…


Your challenge today:  Create a small quilt using two or more of the free motion quilt tutorials, then post to The Inbox Jaunt Flickr group or take a picture with your iPhone and add it to Instagram #theinboxjaunt.

Or add your photo and link here:

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Can’t wait to see!


PS…The Sailboat was stitched on Robert Kaufman Kona cotton, Warm and Natural batting with Sulky Rayon on top and Aurifil in the bobbin on a Bernina 820-domestic sewing machine without a stitch regulator.

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