Fireworks-A Paper Piecing Project

Paper Pieced Fireworks, Quilt In honor of Independence Day, Peggy created this gorgeous Fireworks Paper Piecing Project in red, white and blue!

UPDATED:  July 4, 2014

Note from Peggy:  People who are not using the templates as such for the Fireworks project have asked for a full sized line drawing (“Foundation”, in paper piecing terms) so here that is too.
Plus a piecing sequence guide.   FOUNDATION PATTERN 

Turn it sideways and it has a different look…

Paper Pieced Fireworks, QuiltWait….now it looks like The Union Jack!…

Oh well…it was more than 200 years ago…

Click here for the paper pieced fireworks pattern templates.

***NEWLY ADDED***(Added July 1, 2014)  Click here for the full fireworks pattern–25 pages—

Paper Pieced Fireworks, Quilt   Click here for the fireworks color chart. Paper Pieced Fireworks, Quilt   Click here for the fireworks paper pieced expanded drawing. Paper Pieced Fireworks Pattern Click here for the Fireworks Foursome layout.

And for a little more inspiration:  a few color ways to consider

Paper Pieced Fireworks, Quilt



The pattern is a little different this time in that it is a mostly symmetrical pattern. I have chosen to just give the 6 templates for one of the eight wedges. All the wedges are the same, except some must have lines extended, and some will be chopped off if used in the “flag” configuration. This means there are only a few sheets of templates rather than oodles more.


Thank you, Peggy,  this is gorgeous!  I could also see this in red and green-like a Christmas present with a big bow and ribbons…

Tuesday–We’re going “off the rails” with our free motion quilt tutorial this week–no drawn lines to guide us as we learn a new all-over or “fill” pattern.

A Challenge–The rest of the week–I have challenged myself to work in a series.  Each day- a new small quilt with a patriotic theme…I think you will enjoy this…


Start with an 8 inch by  8 inch piece of red, white or blue fabric and create a design with free motion quilting. (My projects range in size from 6″ x 8″ to 22″ square…)   One a day—no UFOs!


Can’t resist a (sewing) challenge,


PS…any takers??

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24 thoughts on “Fireworks-A Paper Piecing Project

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous, and the different colorways are brilliant! I so look forward to Sundays and Mondays at the Inbox Jaunt! I did not see a place to click to get the foundation pattern on which to sew the six pieces in each wedge. Am I missing something?

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I will give this a try.
    Love all of your posts Lori, I look forward to them popping up in my inbox!

  3. Rosemary B here
    This turned out really well. Love the template showing the succession of fabric placement
    Today I will try to bust out some FMQ, as I have a lot of little bits of kona I can use

    • If you are having trouble with any of the patterns or want the full-sized paper piecing templates, email me at PaperPiecingHeartland*at* There are 25 pages of templates… that many because the patches are large, not itty bitty ones, and even splitting them in two (to be taped together) leaves a lot of unused space on a sheet of typing paper. (“typing paper”…. that dates me!)

    • Peggy says:
      There are just simple templates for a single 45 degree wedge in the links above. I have the full pattern for the vertical Fireworks pattern (26″ x 34″) and will try to find a place to post it for you all… but it’s 25 pages or so. The wedges are all the same so you can use what Lori has here and add to them or crop as you wish, but it will take some designing thought by y’all.
      The wedges are assembled around a center octagon, which is only an 1-1/2″ or so, but any size octagon will work with these same wedges… the outcome will just be more of a pinwheel than a star the bigger the center octagon gets.
      More later when I find a way to post the whole kaboodle.

  4. Wow, that’s incredible! What size does that fireworks block finish? You know, in yellows and blues, this block would make a terrific Star of Bethlehem for Advent/Christmas projects.

    • The vertical fireworks project is 26″ x 34″. And I like your idea of a Bethlehem star…. Perhaps we should revisit this pattern using something other than a water-look for the bottom section.

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  6. The pieces are have alphabet letter and numbers like B1, B2, B3, etc. The Bs are put together and set aside. Likewise the Cs and Ds etc. Once all 8 wedges are together, you’ll piece them into a “circle” around the center octagon. The water is attached last.
    You can download the whole pattern for the Fireworks if you want to recreate the first illustration above.

  7. Hi Lori,

    I do love paper piecing a great deal and have been watching all of the recent posts that you have shared with us on paper piecing. This one has really spoken to my heart. It is stunning. I will file it away for a rainy day or more like it when I get a free moment. Thank you very much julie.

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