15 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. Missing peonies, especially when I see a photo like this. We lived in Indiana 35 years and enjoyed the peonies, but they don’t do as well in Alabama, where we live now. Beautiful!

    • We’ve a front garden filled with Peonies–was told they will not grow here–they must have been mistaken.

  2. I had that type of Peony in pink while living in Indiana. I moved to Texas 5 years ago and brought bushes with me. I didn’t know that they wouldn’t bloom here. We had such a cold Spring here. They bloomed…..who knew? Love your picture.

  3. My Chicagoland peonies didn;t make it to south GA either.. We had a “hedge” of them about 40 feet long…heavenly!..all colors.Thanks Lori.. love the sight of it!

  4. My mother had peonies in northern WI. I love then. However the trade off for living in a mild climate in Southern CA is worth it. Palm trees, succulents citrus and roses, all year.

  5. My grandmother grew a glorious dark red peony here in Tasmania when I was a small child. (Many moons ago!) She was so proud of it and tended it with such loving care as we lived in quite a cold place at the time. Even as a little girl, I appreciated their beauty and have yet to see another of such a beautiful red. This one is so beautiful, too.

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