Open Line Friday–Who Taught YOU to Sew?

Black and White, Vintage Sewing Notions


Yeah, it’s Friday!  Time for my favorite post of the week…Open Line Friday…Anyone asks…Everyone answers!

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Black and White, Vintage Sewing NotionsOPEN LINE FRIDAY

I thought I’d start the ball rolling…(or should I say “the spool rolling”?)

Who taught YOU to sew?  What are your earliest memories of sewing and needle crafts?

Black and White, Vintage Sewing Notions

Black and White, Vintage Sewing NotionsIt also brings me to another question…

Have YOU taught anyone else to sew or quilt?

I’d love to hear….


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114 thoughts on “Open Line Friday–Who Taught YOU to Sew?

  1. I learned how to sew in 7th grade in home ec – my mom didn’t really sew much even though she had an old Singer that I made all my clothes on when I was in high school. I have taught all three of my daughters to sew and my oldest one has made a few quilts. I am also teaching my pastor’s oldest daughter to sew. I wish they still taught sewing in school – even if it is just to mend a tear in clothing instead of just throwing it away!!!

  2. It is so nice to read these beautiful comments. Most learning at home at a young age and then maybe now teaching a grandchild, how lovely is that!
    I never really was good at sewing ir cooking at school, probably impatient and more interested in sport. However, I did do wood and metal work with the boys! My mum said if I could read I could cook! I’m a good reader, but really a good cook!
    I sewed a few small items for my 2 boys as children (now 20 & 26), but I wasn’t really ‘taught’.
    About 15 years ago, aged 35, I finally worked out what career I wanted and went back to school. Two years later I worked with a lady who would sometimes sew, usually applique, at lunch times. And I was ready for a new hobby!
    I have watched and learned so much from the people around me, and have attended a few classes. I still have a long way to go, but I enjoy cutting up fabric and sewing them back together. And I especially love giving the quilts away. Quilters are the most generous people I have ever met.
    I sew almost every weekend at our little holiday house on a 1957 Singer. So peaceful and relaxing! Whilst still working I will remain a topper. In retirement I may well have to graduate to quilter! Although, I do quilt small projects.
    My latest quilt was one started for my future grandson’s first birthday. Unfortunately he was born too early, and did not survie. I packed it away for 6 months, only to find we were expecting another grandson, due almost the same day as William was born. So I put my big girl panties on and finished it before we went on a 7 week trip to the UK. It has been to my lovely quilter and ready for me to pick up tomorrow! I think of all the quilts I have made in 13 years (around 120), this will be the most special one.
    Thanks for sharing your stories, once again, you are all so generous!

  3. Mama taught me to sew. Home economics in seventh and eighth grade reinforced the process. Such fond memories….

  4. My Mom didn’t sew much, but her mother, my grandmother did. We had a couple of old Singers in the house. My Mom put my sister and I into 4H to learn to sew. We made a pair of slacks that year. We continued to sew and my two sisters and I made many of our clothing in high school. Home Ec classes were really easy for me because I already knew how to sew, but I do wish that they still did them.

    I had a French teacher that became pregnant. Another student suggested that we make her a baby quilt – her mother was a quilter. I hadn’t ever done anything like that, but I could sew. So I got to help make the baby quilt and fell in love with quilting.

    Interestingly, that friend’s mother is now a curator at our local county historical museum. I told her the story and she remembered making the quilt. She wasn’t aware that she had introduced me to quilting. Her son is my next door neighbor. Small world.

    Both my daughters said they wanted to learn to sew, but neither were patient enough to learn more than sewing a seam. I have shown them basics like hemming, sewing buttons, and the like. My eldest daughter decided to make a quilt for her husband and has done some additional sewing since then. She has a busy life and the quilting bug hasn’t hit her like is has for me. Maybe someday. I have several quilting friends that have shown me something new and one in particular that has told me many times that I have helped her learn something new about quilting. My sister is a wonderful seamstress, but she has learned about quilting from me. We have begun making collaborative baby quilts over the last couple of years for nieces and nephews.

    I hope to teach my grandchildren to sew someday. The oldest has a keen interest in what I do, but mostly likes me to make things for her. She does sit with me at the sewing machine and I let her lift and lower the presser foot, push the reverse sewing button and cut threads. She is learning a little a at a time, but I’m letting her do it at her own pace.

  5. I started sewing in the 7th grade. I was given an assignment and neither my mom or I read the instructions, we just picked out a skirt pattern we liked. It was a lined wrap around skirt (which was in at the time). I picked out a pretty yellow and white flower fabric and it was the start of it all. When I brought in the fabric and pattern, I thought the teacher was going to go nuts. She said in no way could I make this. Wrong thing to say to me and my mom. We showed her. It turned out perfect and I got to be the last model for the fashion show.

    I’m just starting to teach my oldest granddaughter how to sew. She has asked for her own sewing machine from Santa this year.

  6. I learnt to sew at school circa grade 4 or 5. We had to earn a sewing machine “licence” by “driving” around a course printed on a piece of paper with no thread in the machine – possibly were my affinity for paper piecing comes from!
    When I was 17 I got a sewing machine off a dear friend for Christmas and although I didn’t touch it for the next ten years, sewing with it always reminds me of her

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  9. Mother taught my sisters and I.
    We made clothes. She showed us how to do the easy part and she sewed the hard part. The curves etcetera. As we got older we do more until we could do the whole garment.
    Taught my daughter in the same way. Now I am lucky to have an interested granddaughter.

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