Sprucing Up My Sewing Room

Scissors QuiltSeveral months ago, I was at my Local Quilt Shop (LQS)–Bear Patch Quilting Company in White Bear Lake…and saw a full size quilt of scissors hanging on the wall…

While I have been working hard to avoid impulse buying….I HAD to have this pattern!

The pattern, by Lori Holt  for a very large quilt (Nine sets of these scissors) is no longer available on her Etsy site–but she does have another pattern that includes the scissors…

I quickly stitched up  a single pair of scissors…using this adorable Tape Measure fabric–also found at Bear Patch…and then I was on to MY FAVORITE PART-planning the free motion quilting…

scissors quiltI chose Robison-Anton Twister Tweed for embellishment…”Gingher and 2014

And then began free motion quilting…I added Spools (tutorial HERE) in the handles and between the blades and Flower Power  (Tutorial HERE) everywhere else.  I left the border free of quilting–the patterned fabric didn’t need any more embellishment.

scissors quilt

scissors quilt

In several uninterrupted hours, I had finished this little quilt (binding and all) to hang in my sewing room…(NO UFOs, thank you!)

I had a great long afternoon in my sewing room….but I was supposed to be “sprucing up my sewing room” by cleaning….Scissors Quilt

Scissors QuiltThere’s always tomorrow for cleaning


Lazy Lori with-a-still-messy-sewing-room

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41 thoughts on “Sprucing Up My Sewing Room

  1. It looks productive to me and -oh- so cute! Love it! BTW, my whole house needs cleaning. Thank goodness my son’s graduation party is at the park tonight! lol.

  2. So adorable, Lori, and I love the quilting of course! I try, but keeping my sewing room in order is hopeless……..I have my priorities straight!!! LOL

  3. LOL…I quickly came here this morning hoping to see your sewing room….I’ve been anxiously awaiting seeing more than your sewing machine…not that I’m some kind of “studio voyeur” I was just hoping for inspiration since I love your tutes and this is my FAVORITE blog. But I’m not disappointed…I love the little quilt…from the piecing to the quiting….I adore the pink thread quilting on the spool. I do have a question, tho…do you still have any selvedge info about the tape measure fabric? Who makes it? I’d like to find some for my own version of the quilt. Have a blessed day, Lori….so many of us appreciate your kindness and willingness to share.

    • Hi Kathy,
      So glad you like this little quilt. It was so much fun to make! I just purchased the fabric at Bear Patch Quilting in White Bear Lake MN…perhaps you could call there?–in any case, it’s a current fabric. It is American Jane Patterns, Sandy Klop for Moda “Potluck”. I used two different fabrics. One was all yellow tape measures, the other was several colored tape measures. Hope that helps!

  4. Love your scissor quilt. I ha wooden scissor on my wall. Looking for a great pattern of a dress form . I may have to design it my self. I would love tosee you studio. I know it has a lots of inspiration.

  5. Kathy Upton, “studio voyeur” I love it! So maybe I am not to the level of voyeur. But I am an addict for pictures of peoples’ studios. There is always at least one idea I take away from those pictures.

    And, that quilt! TOTALLY LOVE it! The tape measure fabric is just perfect. And love the thread you used for the gingher.

  6. So cute! I’ve been meaning to clean/organize my sewing room, too… This quilt is a good incentive… I’ll make it when I finish putting everything in its place. (well, at least enough so that I can get to my sewing machine without stepping over multiple “stuff”)

  7. Question? Do you draw the spools before you sew them? Did you freehand “gingher? Do you have suggestions on how to mark when that is helpful? Thanks–I look forward to your posts.

    • Hi Louise,
      For the spools–I used a piece of notebook paper to cut rectangles that fit under the blades and in the handles. I used this to then create the simple spool shape. (See the spool tutorial) and then drew that lightly with chalk. I freehand wrote “ginger” –but I practiced on paper a few times first to get the size and spacing correct. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect…Your handwriting will make the project personal–and that’s the fun. For marking, I like to use chalk because it wipes off readily. I know a lot of people use Frixion pens–and use steam to remove the marks.

  8. That.. is.. Adorable!!! Love it! You know we are all going to copy you right…LOL! The tape measure material is really cute too. Thanks for always inspiring us. One of the cutest things I saw on Pinterest was old patterns framed. I love that old blue/green color so got the paint, frames and picked out a few of my Grandma’s old patterns to frame and there it has sat all winter. I am doing them today for my “cleaning” project. LOL! 🙂 It actually will get rid of that little pile on my shelf..haha!

    • That’s the spirit, Ness! Go for it! I’d love to see the framed patterns- I have several old patterns I’ve collected. Is it on your Pinterest board? Or can you send photos when you’re finished “cleaning” today?

      • The frames are on my Sew Many Ideas board. I’ll send a pic of mine when they are done. 🙂 On the Simplify and Organize board there are these old looking square jars with metal lids on the pic with the chicken wire doors …I found them at Walmart and painted their lids and put my thread in them organized by color…turned out cute. 🙂 There are several sewing rooms on that board also…I’m not sure they are real they are so stinkin cute!

  9. That’s adorable! I am in awe of your talent! You are using your talents instead of cleaning, sound good to me!

  10. Cute! I have been to the Bear Patch quilting company! My sister took me there when I flew back to MN for a class reunion! (never mind which reunion-my classmates looked older for some reason!) I found fabric & patterns at the shop & then my sister & I walked around the town of WBL! (White Bear Lake) Thanks for sharing! I have another trip planned back to MN for a wedding on Aug 9-don’t know if I’ll make it to any quilt shops this coming trip-sigh!

  11. Etsy seller A Bee in my Bonnet by Lori Holt has patterns for several quilt room wall hangings including scissors, sewing machines, etc. (For those of us who like to have patterns!!)

  12. So cute Lori! I assume you are going to hang it in your studio? I love your chose of FMQing also. What a happy quilt. The measuring tape fabric really sets it off. I only live 5 minutes from Bear Patch Quilt shop. Yes, it is a great shop.

  13. Rosemary B here!
    I love this! It is adorable, and really perfect. Now I want to make one. I have so many projects though. Cleaning up is over rated. We just need to keep the health department at bay and it’s good

  14. Love the scissor quilt. I know about cleaning the sewing room!!! Ask my husband!! I will tell him that I am cleaning it and them come up with a project completed. You kow you always find projects to complete when cleaning the room and have to finish this project! Happy sewing everyone.

  15. How cute is that!! Gingher’s are fabulous so I was pleased to see that you stitched that. That’s a grand way to ‘spruce’ up the sewing room – you’ll see the scissors and not the clutter!! 🙂

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