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As you may have heard me complain…I do paperwork every Monday…bills, filing,phone calls.   I allow myself t0 blog or stitch only when my other “Inbox” is empty…UGH!

Over the last several weeks, our friend Peggy has changed the meaning of PAPERWORK MONDAYS:

—She has created several original Paper-Pieced quilting patterns from The Inbox Jaunt photos!  Now “Paperwork” is Fun and Creative!  (And some of our Mondays are a lot more fun!)


Allium Paper Pieced, PatternThis week, Peggy transformed the Silent Sunday Allium photo in to a gorgeous, modern Paper Piecing Pattern (Download and Print 12 Pages)  HERE

AlliumShe even designed a full-sized quilt for us with the Alliums in the center…

Allium Paper Pieced, PatternFull Allium Quilt HERE (Download and print One Page)

Best of all, she created a Color Chart using Robert Kaufman KONA solids–(my favorite for free motion quilting, too!)

Allium Paper Pieced, Pattern

Color Chart HERE  (Two pages)


  • This time the colors are all Kona Solids and labeled with the Kona names and Robert Kaufman codes.
  • The pattern can be adjusted to any size, but the full-sized line drawing is for a finished piece 24″ x 33″.
  • Since the design has circles, quilters may choose from two techniques: applique, of course; or machine sewing circles as shown in
  • Dale Fleming’s book Pieced Curves So Simple and her video instruction at this link Easy Circle Quilt Blocks


For more information about Paper Piecing, Peggy Recommends the tutorial HERE.

I know I say this every week, but this is my favorite!  or maybe it’s The Heron, or Easter Sunrise, or In the Garden or At the Window or Hydrangeas…..

There is a lot of free motion quilting opportunities with this quilt…

Don’t you wish there were more hours in a day (and more energy, too!)



PS…All tutorials, images and information found here today are the property of Peggy Aare for The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to re-blog and pin.  For any other use please contact me at  Thanks!

21 thoughts on “Allium for Paper Piecing

  1. I am so in love with this one!!! Each day the “mod quilt” trend grabs me more and this is AWESOME!!!!!! And thanks to Peggy for her over the top “share”/pattern!!!!!

  2. Making these patterns is both fun and a real challenge. Hope the same goes for all of you who give them a try. I caught ‘this’ posting today from Susan Torrens at
    as she gives us a look at her progress on the Hydrangea hexagons.
    I can’t wait to see what her finished project looks like.
    Please let Lori or me know if you are giving one of my piecing designs from her Sunday photos a try.
    – Thank you all,

  3. That’s beautiful but the numbers on the tutorial are actually order of pieces and put together rather than colors. Do we have an order any of these patterns? I love to try it but I’m not sure where to start.

    • I have left the piecing sequence up to you. There are 6 columns more or less that can be pieced individually and then assembled. It depends, a bit, on whether you are going to use Dale Fleming’s technique and make the blossoms as an intregral part of the columns, or if you are going to applique them later. Does that help? Otherwise I can give you more specific instructions.
      — Peggy

  4. I have paper piecing on the brain, too! Hey, maybe you or Peggy can answer a question for me? I want to make some BIG paper pieced pineapple blocks. I found a free download pattern from Fons & Porter that is for a 17 3/4″ finished block with skinny strips, just like the antique ones I have admired. But their block pattern prints in 6 sections and it just says “join here” at the registration marks. Their instructions don’t say anything about HOW to join multiple sheets of paper for an oversized paper pieced pattern, and I looked through my Carol Doakes and Alex Anderson paper piecing books, and they don’t address how to join multiple sheets together to create a single large foundation, either. I can’t just use Scotch tape, can I? I mean, won’t it melt or ripple from the iron when I press seams open? Any suggestions greatly appreciated! 🙂

    • I confess I do use Scotch tape but it gets a little messy at times, but usually, like, Judi says, the freezer paper itself will stick together and you only need tape at the outer edges.. I also use a pressing sheet to protect the iron if the tape is obviously necessary.

    • You could simply stitch the paper sheets together using great care to match the registration marks.
      While I’m here please allow me to shower my thanks and admiration on the generous creator of these beautiful works of art. Thank you so very, very much.

  5. Can’t you print the sections onto freezer paper and press th overlap together ? I don’t paper piece but I have done this to draft other things. You could also make 1 large pattern and have it copied at kinkos.

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  7. This is terrific! I can’t wait to get some fabric and do this. I am looking at the color chart from the American Made Solids and wonder if I could make this with that fabric. Just love, love this!!!

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