24 thoughts on “Man Helping His Wife

  1. This has always been one of my favorite Rockwell paintings. Thank you for choosing it and bringing it back to the front of my memory bank! Have a great weekend.

  2. I love this!!! LOL! Norman Rockwell has always been a favorite of mine. The look on his face and the pipe…and the fact that he did it…sweet. 🙂 I actually thought this was going to be a joke. LOL! Hey! What happened to your jokes Lori! LOL!
    It is rainy and 39 degrees here this morning! NO joke! Brrr! what is up with that!!! No matter…I’m headed down to sew. 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

      • Julia…we only have two seasons here…winter and the 4th of July…I can’t wait til the 4th…LOL!

      • You make me laugh . . . . I love how you can put into type exactly what you want to say and can convey your emotion along with it! I am in Cameron, Illinois and it has been pretty warm here already this spring/summer. Today is cool and raining (we are farmers so the rain is welcomed). I was so happy for you after I read your comments about winning the Sulky thread. I have three miniature Schnauzers so I could actually picture how your dog would have reacted to your happy dance! Hope you have fun with the thread and will share photos of your projects. my e-mail is tomjuldeutsch@gmail.com Happy Stitching!

    • Interesting you should ask about the jokes. I got busted for violating copyright. My mistake entirely. The jokes were often forwarded to me without copyrights so I never thought about it. One day I got a notice from one of the authors to remove it from my blog or expect a bill!

      • OMGosh!! At least they just warned you! With all the fwds and pinning and downloading etc. going on I wouldn’t of given it a thought. Good to know…!!! Glad they didn’t haul ya off to jail LOL!

  3. Thank you for posting this wonderful reminder of Norman Rockwell. He has always been the warm heart and soul of the American past and captured it so wonderfully well. I have collected books and plates for lots of years. The Four Freedoms plates have always hung in my dining room as reminders of our great heritage.

  4. Rosemary B here:
    So sweet. The dress looks so funny on him too.
    Norman Rockwell is one of my favorite artists, I Love the details in his paintings, always!

    Thank you for sharing this today
    Happy Saturday

    • I think the dress would look pretty funny on her, too! That’s a good marriage. Being willing to do what it takes to keep each other happy. They look like such sweet people.

  5. So funny…………….I can just read his thoughts! Thanks for my early morning smile!

  6. Love it – We have not seen this one before… my hubby can relate! Thank you for sharing.

  7. My mom decided she needed a…hmm….paper form of her body for fitting the clothes she sewed. One of my fondest childhood memories (1948-52 or so ) is the making of that form, My electrician Dad wrapped her torso – from collarbone down almost to her knees,but not arms, in plastic from the dry cleaners. Then he dipped strips of brown paper in glue and smoothed them all over her, overlapping as he placed them. She got the giggles many times and he would stop to laugh. It was like making papier mache. My l’il sister and I were totally beyond amazed at their behavior. Mom had to wait for it to dry so it could be cut off. She couldn’t bend her hips she discovered as she tried to go out in the sunshine!! It took hours to dry… an all day process. I always remember it whenever I see the lady and her husband painted by Mr Rockwell. He was such a genius ! I still have mom’s “body cast” hanging on a hanger in my sewing room. Her weight never varied by more than 5 pounds thru her lifetime.

  8. Thanks, Ness. I remembered something else today …while ironing… My sister and I made a pact not to ever tell any of our neighborhood playmates what our parents had been doing ! and in the kitchen, too. Easier to clean any dripped glue off linoleum than carpet…heh heh.

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