Temptations, Priorities, Projects and a WINNER!


When it comes to buying fabric and starting projects, it seems our

 “Our eyes are bigger than our clocks.”  —lck

  I just found this perfect fabric…

THEN I looked at my list of Unfinished Quilts…

Not sure this fabric works on any of these…

Not to worry…It will be great as the backing fabric for my next twenty tutorials!   Not my wisest purchase, but I still love this fabric…

Quilt Priorities


I also found this perfect pad of paper…(I need pads of paper about as much as I need fabric…)

But, it’s little reminder was useful…

"You can do anything, but not everything." SET PRIORITIES

So now I have my priorities straight…Just one quilt:

 Claire and Andy’s (AFTER) wedding quilt!

Quilt Priorities


Thank you to all who participated in Mary Huey’s Unfinished Quilt Assault Tactics course giveaway.

The Winner is: CJ. Please contact Mary.




YOU can still be a winner, too!

  • Follow the plan..
  • Write down all your UFOs
  • Pick three (or less) quilts  on which to focus
  • Read more HERE


Sign up for Mary’s course HERE.


Laser Beam (as in.. focused like a..) Lori

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Seamstress in Fine Art now in Paper Piecing!


Girl Sewing, Theodore RobinsonPEGGY WORKS HER MAGIC

We are in for a real treat this week!  Peggy created a fabulous new paper pieced pattern for readers of The Inbox Jaunt.

This pattern was based on Theodore Robinson’s “October Sunlight” (Read more HERE)  and is from The Inbox Jaunt’s Saturday series:  “Seamstresses in Fine Art”.

Theodore Robinson "October Sunlight"  Paper Pieced Quilting PatternNOTES FROM PEGGY

There are more colors listed on the color chart than a normal person should consider, but the extra colors help distinguish one patch from another.

Unlike The Morning Heron from last week  that fit on one sheet of paper, this finished project measures 24″ x 21″. The reversed black and white line drawing PDF file is on 6 sheets that must be taped together to achieve that final minimum size. Enlarging the paper plans further will make the details of the woman even easier to sew.

Even though green is a color some of us barely remember…Here’s another possible color way.



GetAttachment-2NOTES FROM LORI

Thank you, Peggy for your fine work!  I can’t wait to try my hand at paper piecing!  (I will definitely stitch mine in green!)

October Sunrise Pattern Piecing Pattern by Peggy Color Chart HERE

October Sunrise Six Page Line Pattern (Reversed) HERE 

Here’s the link to the Tutorial on Freezer Paper Foundation Piecing : Twiddledetails Store

Have Fun and Keep Stitching!


PS…Peggy’s Patterns are intended for personal use only.  For any other purpose, please contact Peggy at:  PaperPiecingHeartland@gmail.com

Tulip Time–A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Tulips, Free Motion Quilting,  TutorialGood Morning, Quilters!  Today is the first Tuesday in May and just days away from Mother’s Day!  If you skip the housekeeping and paperwork for a few days, you can whip up a little something for YOUR Mother with this sweet little confection:  Tulip Time.

There’s no time to lose–so let’s get started!


A reader wrote me this week because she just noticed the  “MENU” Bar on the top of my blog–and asked if it was new…

The Menu Bar has been around since the beginning, but I think if you read The Inbox Jaunt from your phone it is not as noticeable….

PLEASE check out the Menu Bar…All of the tutorials are there, plus design tips, a few projects, a selection of books I recommend…much much more.

Coming Soon To The Menu Bar—-The Quilt Notebook Series and The Paper Pieced Patterns  


Begin by drawing two lines equidistant apart.  In the sample below, the lines are 1/2 inch apart.  This would look great much larger, too–so try it with lines two inches apart if that fits YOUR quilt better…

Begin stitching on the bottom “rail”–the drawn line.  Stitch a rounded leaf that angles to the left slightly.  This leaf should touch the middle rail.

Tulips, Free Motion Quilting,  TutorialNext, stitch a mirror image leaf–to the right.

Tulips, Free Motion Quilting,  TutorialNow, stitch the stem straight up–a few stitches above the middle rail.

Tulips, Free Motion Quilting,  TutorialStitch the left half of the  flower by stitching a half circle to the top rail.  Then stitch a smaller full circle.

Tulips, Free Motion Quilting,  Tutorial

Finish stitching the right half of the flower…

Tulips, Free Motion Quilting,  Tutorial

Finally, stitch straight down the stem to the bottom rail and stitch over to begin the next Tulip Time tulip.

Tulips, Free Motion Quilting,  Tutorial

Three in a row would be perfect on a baby’s apron…or a springtime napkin.

Tulips, Free Motion Quilting,  TutorialOnce you get started, you won’t want to stop!  In the sample below, I stitched the first row and then turned the piece over to stitch the second row…(easier than stitching the motif upside down–though that can be done too!)

Tulips, Free Motion Quilting,  TutorialLeave the space between the rows empty…Or, add another design–like my favorite, The Greek Key.

Tulips, Free Motion Quilting,  TutorialThe design looks different if you stagger the tulips:

Tulips, Free Motion Quilting,  TutorialOnce you get started, you won’t want to stop planting tulips everywhere!  Happy Gardening!


There’s still time to enter the giveaway for Mary Huey’s online course:  Unfinished Quilts:  Assault Tactics...Read more HERE.


Tomorrow:  Peggy has a new paper pieced pattern for us…


This sample was quilted on my Bernina 820 (with it’s extra wide harp space and very large bobbin) using Aurifil 50 wt cotton thread in the bobbin and Robison-Anton Rayon thread on top, using a Schmetz 90 Topstitch needle.


Enjoy this new tutorial AND make something for YOUR mother…

Tip-Toeing Through The Tulips,


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