Vintage Embroidery – Modern Quilt

Vintage Embroidery, Modern Quilt

Several years ago, a friend offered me these embroidery Ladies and Baskets that her elderly mother had made.

I loved the embroidery, but wanted a more “modern” look to my quilt.

Vintage Embroidery, Modern Quilt

I added sashings and borders in bright, clear colors.

Vintage Embroidery, Modern Quilt

In order to quilt the blocks..I outlined each embroidered pattern–and left the embroidery clear of quilting.

Vintage Embroidery, Modern Quilt I added swirls and twirls…

Vintage Embroidery, Modern Quilt

Spirals and squares…

Vintage Embroidery, Modern Quilt

And a few feathers in the borders…Vintage Embroidery, Modern Quilt

I really love this lap sized quilt–bridging vintage and modern!

If you don’t have a friend who can share the vintage gems…try scouring your local antique shops–I see squares like these frequently–and sadly, they are always UNDER–PRICED!


Lady Lori-lounging under a lap quilt and reading “Sense and Sensibility”

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