HUGE–Sulky Giveaway!!!


Good morning, Quilters!  As you know, I love Sulky 40 wt Rayon thread…Read  more HERE.

I love the gorgeous array of colors and its beautiful sheen.

Furthermore, my Bernina loves it!

Sulky Rayon Thread

I have collected a huge supply of it over many years…

Sulky Rayon Thread


I use it for machine appliqué

And for most of my free motion quilting….

Sulky Rayon ThreadNow… thanks to the lovely people at Sulky…thank you, Kelly!….

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Sulky Rayon Thread

 YOU CAN WIN this Slimline box filled with $100 worth of Sulky Rayon thread!

Sulky Slimline BoxTO ENTER:

Answer these two questions:

  • Do you consider yourself a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced at Free Motion Quilting?
  • Are you Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced at Machine Applique?

The contest will be open until Wednesday, June 4 and the winner will be announced, Thursday, June 5th.   Good luck!

NOTE:  Winners limited to US and Canada addresses only.


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932 thoughts on “HUGE–Sulky Giveaway!!!

  1. I am an intermediate free motion quilter but a beginner at applique. I enjoy doodling with thread. My projects are quilted fairly densely on a domestic machine. My goal in the next 6 months is to concentrate on small projects (placemats, totes,zipper pouches,coasters) that use up lots of scraps while giving me tons of practice with FMQing. Love your tutorials,Lori.

  2. Just love your tutorials and I’ve learned sooooo much. I am an intermediate at both free motion and machine applique. Since I’ve been “saving” the few Sulky threads I have, I would go “bonkers” if I were to win the case and all the thread! It would really get put to good use as I’d like to experiment with colors and go back and highlight my free motion with a second color. Keep up your excellent work as it inspires me sooooo much and I look forward to reading your blog everyday. Thanks a million for all the time you devote to helping us grow in our skills!

  3. I am a beginner free motion quilter, and I have never done applique. I have used Sulky thread in my embroidery machine and understand why you love it–so shiny and goes though the needle smoothly. I could always use some more of their thread!

  4. I consider myself an intermediate with machine quilting and a beginner at machine applique.

  5. I am a beginner at both Free Motion Quilting and Machine Applique. I am hoping that I can get half as good as you!

  6. I am intermediate at applique but a beginner at free motion quilting. I just love your tutorials. They are so easy to follow

  7. RE free motion quilting, I am a beginner.. I have been learning about my new sewing machine. I am an intermediate at machine applique. I really enjoy both. I would love to move up to great quality thread to improve the quality of my designs and thus the quilting with it. Thank you for this opportunity. Lori, I appreciate your understandable directions in the tutorials..

  8. Would love to have the Sulky! Your posts have been a huge inspiration to me, mad my FMQ is slowly improving. My machine applique needs work: I have a baby bib that took me so many hours to complete that I refuse to give it away!

  9. I am a beginner FMQ but with your tutorials I am getting better….
    I am a intermediate to advanced applique but have never tried Sulky brand. I would love to win this wonderful collection of thread.

  10. I consider myself an “intermediate” at both free-motion quilting and machine applique, although I have done a lot more free motion since applique is not big in my repertoire. I just got back from Handi Quilter Academy and am really jazzed up about doing bigger and better things with free motion!
    I don’t think I have any Sulky thread in my collection but would love to have some to work with.

  11. I am definitely a beginner when it comes to FMQ. I consider myself to be intermediate in machine appliqué. I love all the beautiful Sulky thread colors!

  12. HI Lori,

    Wow! What a give away. Thank you. I am a longarm quilter so I would place myself at the intermediate level. Still lots to learn. I do alot of applique so this thread would be great for me to use. I do mostly hand applique so I would consider myself a beginner for machine applique.
    Thanks again,


  13. I feel like an advanced beginner at both machine applique and FMQ, but my friends would probably say intermediate. There is a lot more to learn, particularly with FMQ/

  14. I would call myself an advanced beginner at both machine appliqué and free motion quilting…I have done a lot of projects with free motion quilting but not varied it a lot and am now starting to learn more techniques and patterns. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  15. I am a beginner at free motion quilting. In fact, I am a beginner at any kind of quilting. I am also a beginner at machine applique but have done a few projects. Thanks to your great blog, I am planning some new projects.

  16. I am an intermediate plus with free motion quilting and a beginner at machine applique. I have not used rayon thread for quilting so would like to try it. I would also like to try free motion embroidery. I don’t have an embroidery machine but think I could do it free motion.

  17. I’m a beginner who usually bites off more than she can chew, and I’m in the process of making a quilt as a wedding present for my brother. Whatever I tackle, I always learn something new, which is the reason I keep coming back to the quilt process.

    I have yet to try machine applique, but it’s on my to-do list!

    • I consider myself a beginner at free motion quilting, but plan on getting better. I have done a lot of machine quilting & love it so I consider myself an intermedient & fell you can always get better. I have used Sulky threads & products many years & love the results. I would just love to win the contest.

  18. Sulky rayon thread is my eye candy. Love it! Applique is still kind of scary (and I don’t know why because it usually turns out fine), but FMQ is my biggest challenge. I feel I’m getting more comfortable with each each time I try it, thanks in no small part to you, Lori.

  19. I am a beginner at machine applique and free motion quilting, have mostly done hand applique and am in the process of hand quilting one of my tops.

  20. I consider myself a beginner at both of these! I just took a couple of applique classes, though, and am raring to go!

  21. I am a beginner free motion quilter and an intermediate machine appliquer. I have learned a number of different approaches to FMQ, but practice hasn’t caught up to the knowledge. These threads are gorgeous.

  22. I am a beginner in both categories. Excited about both. Hoping to become experienced and someday able to respond differently to those questions. I so appreciate being able to learn from these tutorials.

  23. Lori, I love your blog and the chance to win such fabulous thread is awesome. My free motion work is fairly basic (beginner) and the same is true for my machine applique. My hand applique is at an intermediate stage.

  24. I am a intermediate beginner at free motion quilting and as well as machine appliqué.
    I love sewing with Sulky thread!

  25. I know I am a beginner at free-motion quilting, and I would say I am an intermediate quilter when it comes to machine applique. I really like the latter and would love to get better at the former.

  26. I am a beginner free-motion quilter which I do on a home machine and I am intermediate in applique. I hope to start a long arm business. I have everything except the machine. Waiting on God for that.

  27. I am new to both free form quilting and applique and am enjoying learning about both and I would love to win the sulky giveaway!

  28. I am a beginner machine quilter. While I have machine quilted approximately 10 quilts, only a few have the types of quilting you have been teaching us. I am working on trying to get 15 minutes/ day as you suggested, at my machine. Machine appliqué I am better at and would consider myself intermediate. I made my son a quilt on which I appliquéd vintage airplanes cut from fabric.
    Love the family photos!

  29. I am an intermediate at applique, at best. Free motion quilting is very challenging for me, but I keep at it and I think I’m getting better. Beginner to intermediate?? These
    Sulky threads are beautiful. Please, please, please chose me!

  30. I am a beginner at machine quilting! I am also eager to try machine appliqué because I am a big inner there too!

  31. Definitely a beginner at applique, little more than beginner at machine quilting, would that be a novice??

  32. Just found your blog and am enjoying exploring it. I consider myself an intermediate free motion quilter and a beginner at appliqué–just haven’t had time to work on it yet. Hope to do more as I am recently retired.

  33. I think that I am an intermediate free motion quilter, and pretty good at machine applique. My thread stash has lots of sulky threads, and others as well. I guess I am adventurous and I can’t pass up a pretty color 🙂 My goal is to save up for a sit-down mid-arm quilting machine, like the HandiQuilter Sweet Sixteen or APQS George. Then I can really start stashing colorful threads!!

  34. I am an intermediate free motion quilter. I’ve done free motion on domestic machines with all throat depths of 4.5 ” to 10″. Now I’m trying to get proficient on a sit down long arm with a 26″ throat. I love applique. Have done many, many projects so perhaps I’m an advanced appliquer. No matter what level I am on, however, there’s always more to learn. Love Sulky threads, too! Thanks for this opportunity!

    • I guess I should have proofread more accurately. The sit down long arm mentioned above has a 16″ throat.

  35. I am a cautious intermediate fmq’er but have only attempted appliqué once. Still a little intimidated by the appliqué process. Maybe the thread would help, lol

  36. I am a beginner at both FMQ and Applique’.Have only been quilting for a short time, about 6 months. I have used sulky before, I didn’t think about using it for quilting. I thought I should only use cotton. I took one FMQ class at local quilt shop and she really only talked about cotton thread. Ugh, so much to learn. LOL

  37. I consider myself a beginner at Free Motion Quilting but Intermediate at Machine Applique. I expect to quickly move up a notch with Free Motion Quilting utilizing all the fabulous tutorials & tips you have shared so generously. Thank You!

  38. I am an advanced “piecer” and beginner free motion quilter. Have been a dressmaker and done machine embroidery for many years. Love Sulky thread and would love to win. Thanks,

  39. I have been quilting for 30 years so I’m fairly advanced in piecing and hand work but both machine appliqué and machine quilting put me back to a beginner!!

  40. I am intermediate at appliqué. I say beginner at free motion quilting. I can meander pretty well since that is all I have done for 15 years. But I plan to do more and better quilting this year.

  41. I am a beginner free motion quilter, scared to do a big project yet! I am intermediate with machine applique though:)

  42. I am definitely a REAL beginner at free motion quilting and applique. I would love to win the Sulky thread collection. I heard and read about its quality. I could even use it for other things as do a lot of cross and counted cross stitch. I love your website for all the tutorials and everything I learn about the craft. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway.

  43. I am an intermediate at free motion and beginner at applique. What beautiful colors. Yum yum!!! Your tutorials are wonderful. Keep up the good work.

  44. I am a beginner free motion quilter and appliqué person. I love working in my sewing room. I would enjoy having all of these threads

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