Mother’s Day Hydrangeas-A Paper Pieced Pattern–FREE!

Hydrangeas Paper Pieced



Happy Monday, Quilters!  It’s Wedding week here.  I will be busy with final details and nowhere near my computer!  I planned to have the Tuesday Tutorials scheduled for posting, but that never happened. Please forgive me…the next Tuesday Tutorial will be on June 3.

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Today, we have a gorgeous hexagon rendition of the Mother’s Day Hydrangeas.  Peggy never ceases to amaze me!  I wish there were more hours in a day and more days in a week…Another project for…AFTER The Wedding!




  • The hexagons, if used the size they print out, are 4″ from tip to tip.
  • The full project will be 24″ x 34″ using 18 different fabrics.
  • The hexagons, of course, can be reduced to any size and the internal fracturing can be simplified.
  • The hexagons are meant to be paper pieced individually and then either hand sewn or machine pieced.
  • There are several files attached — hoping to satisfy those who asked for more details.
  • The flower portion of the pieced hexagons do not have to be strictly pieced according to the pattern, but the window edge and vase edge and its shadow will look most convincing if they are carefully sewn and aligned according to the pattern pieces.
  • The paper piecing PDF is 24 pages long and includes each hexagon, full-sized.
  • The pieces are laid out in horizontal rows, the print-out assumes I meant for them to be sewn that way and indicates horizontal strips of hexes, but of course that’s not probably the way most would choose to assemble.


Hydrangea Color Chart HERE  (Two pages)

Hydrangea Color Chart

Paper Piecing REVERSED Template with Color Cues–HERE  (24 Pages)

Reversed Hexagon Templates

Hydrangea Piecing Sequence HERE (One page)

Hydrangea Piecing Sequence


Please join me in a round of applause for Peggy!

Thank you.  Thank you!


PS…All images, tutorials and information are intended for personal use only.  For any other purpose, please contact Peggy at

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25 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Hydrangeas-A Paper Pieced Pattern–FREE!

  1. Congratulations on the Wedding. Thank you to Peggy for the pattern and to you for sharing it in such a way that even I, who is not much interested in paper piecing, will probably try it. Looking forward to seeing what you do next after the beautiful wedding.

  2. Stunning and sooo creative to use hexagons and so appropriate given the shape of the flower. You two never cease to amaze and entice me 🙂

  3. Thank you for the Hydrangea pattern; I am looking forward to trying it. I have been enjoying reading your blog and practicing with paper and pen doing the quilting patterns.

  4. Clap, clap, clap, Applause. Bravo. Very creative. Thank you for the Hydrangea pattern; I am looking forward to trying it

  5. Beautiful!!! Have a blast with wedding week and if you have any tips for the survival of it, I’d appreciate them as my daughter is getting married August 1!!! Now I need to find a paper pieced pattern for a calla lily.

    • If you really do want a Calla Lily pattern, let me know. With Lori being busy elsewhere, I have some free time, too, and would be glad to undertake a request from one of her blog readers. …Peggy

  6. Lori,, go with our blessings and have a great event.. Peggy, is there a way to do blue hydrangeas? My daughter loves blue hydrangeas more than food at times. Her birthday is at end of summer…She also has Blue Willow in every piece ever made !!! Thanks so much.

  7. What a surprise, did not expect to ‘hear’ from you on this your very special celebratory week. Thank-you so much to you and to Peggy. such wonderful talent. wishing you and your family much love and fun for the wedding. Enjoy.

  8. wow!wonderful hydrangea with hexagons, thank you so much for pattern and applause for Peggy

  9. This is such a fun pattern! Can’t wait to try it. It was so wonderful meeting you in Denver! Can’t wait to take your class!

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