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  1. Rosemary B here
    Daughter and I just returned from Dulles Airport. we picked up son-in-law/Lizzie’s hubbs from his trip to Afghanistan. He is an auditor for SIGAR. So glad he is home.

    I picked up a cold from my sister on Mother’s day. I am taking it easy today as we drove my parents out to their house in Maryland to putter around yesterday.
    I hope to me sitting at my machine and running it haha

  2. It is shaping up to be that kind of a summer here too, Lori. We will have to take our sewing one stitch at a time–literally. 🙂 Sure love your blog, sparse or not.

  3. Shared yesterday with good friend and even some materail!! Have yet another funeral for today.

  4. Still waiting for spring up here in northern Wisconsin. Plan to go camping for a few days and the forecast is for possible snow showers! This is getting tedious. Ordered a sewing machine in Paducah during the big show and still waiting patiently?? for it to to show up on my doorstep. Can’t wait. Will be my traveling machine and have many quilting gatherings in my summer future. Appreciated the research on Kona fabric; good to know. And loved the tute on turtles.

  5. I have loved colors since before I knew their names. The colors in quilts draw me in, and Kona cotton colors are so delightfully vivid. Imagine having a bundle of all 271 Kona Cottons!

  6. Short errands today, post office and bank, done. Now I’m running my steam mop and tidying up my studio. I will do my usual maintenance on my long arm and then load the next customers quilt.
    Love the bird! I might be able to outrun him, lol.

  7. A little sewing, a little housekeeping and babysitting this afternoon or my grandkids on this dreary day in Chicago!!! And dinner with my sweetie this evening!!!

  8. Lori,
    A very busy day here in warm, sunny South Carolina–the birds are enjoying the heck out of it–they will continue singing to late afternoon–they are so happy for the sunshine & that the thunderstorms & torrents of rain have gone East.
    I picked my daughter up from the surgical suite (herniated disc/removal) of one of our local hospitals & our Golden’s are beside them selves with joy having her home again.
    They’ve been so careful around her–pets are very intuitive!
    Everyone, have a wonderful & blessed weekend.

  9. My sis-in-law and her husband, are coming to visit us from Florida, tomorrow. I have been in the run, inside the house, cleaning the guest room from top to bottom, the kitchen, which never remains clean, the living room, bathroom, well…..the entire house, including giving the cat a bath. 🙂 House was’nt really dirty, just dusty, but if we are going to dust, we might as well do some moving all the furniture, to clean.

  10. Banking, cleaning, & several quilts to work on after I deal with the mess my daughter’s dog made on the carpet in my sewing space… Grrrr! Maybe I should take a walk first when I finish my 2nd cup of coffee!

  11. I did my running this morning…had to get a gift for a baby shower tomorrow, then a quick dash into the grocery store and finally a trip to our newly opened quilt shop to pick up my door prize that I won at their grand opening…1 yd fabric…love it.

  12. Oh my gosh, on the run isn’t the word for it, in the last two weeks we have purchased a new home, ripped out and replaced the flooring in my sewing room and a bedroom, cleaned out and got the old house ready to put on the market which happened yesterday and I have absolutely nothing here to sew with, it’s all packed and at the new place which we won’t move into until we sell here! Plus work has been a bear the past two weeks with people off for surgery, sick and vacation and we are super short staffed, I work in a hospital lab so we can’t just not do the work. I am exhausted, and I miss my sewing room, but I will have a gorgeous new room when we finally get the new place painted and the flooring redone and we finally move in. Argh!

  13. I am full up will a cold and keeping my distance from my new grandson who is 12 weeks old. I am missing out on so much. keeping busy in the sewing room though. j

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