Behold the Turtle

Turtle Free Motion Quilting

 “Take a walk with a turtle and behold the world in pause.” 

Turtle Free Motion Quilting


Turtle Free Motion Quilting

“Behold the Turtle.  He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.”

Turtle Free Motion Quilting

Turtle Free Motion Quilting

“Try to be like the turtle-at ease in your own shell.”

Wishing you a slow-paced and enjoyable day!



Tommy the Turtle Tutorial available HERE.

Stitched on  RJKaufman Kona cotton from the New Summer collection using Robison-Anton Rayon  thread on top and Aurifil cotton 50 wt in the bobbin using a Schmetz 90 Topstitch needle on my Bernina 820 without a stitch regulator.

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25 thoughts on “Behold the Turtle

  1. Rosemary B here:
    Adorbs. super cutie cute
    and Good advice. I will try to remember those today as I attempt to get a million things done.

  2. The quilting design in this piece is fantastic! Every stitch belongs just where it is. There is a natural movement and flow that is just perfect. The effect is both playful and elegant. Way to go, Lori!

  3. Beautiful! Perhaps one of your blogs could be an explanation of the process. Do you have to work from the inside out when doing a design like this? Could you do the turtles and outside border then fill in?

  4. Next – snails and other aquatic shelled creatures for an underwater wonderworld? Maybe you have already done some of those … I’m pretty new to your blog so haven’t explored your catalogue. What I’ve seen is simply mind-blowing … would have never guessed such realistic forms could be accomplished with FMQ. Thank you for showing us all such wonderful possibilities.

  5. bonsoir;que de jolie choses;mais aimerais aimerais faire du piqué libre ;mais comment faire ?aimerais avoir des explications;;merci je mesuis commande un livre la machine a coudre creative de fanny violet;;;;

  6. I do so love your quilting Lori, you inspire me the only problem I have is I don’t know which fmq project to start next.

  7. I like how you made every turtle different from the others. And the babies are so cute!
    What will this become? It is just too adorable!

  8. Lori, Your turtle designs are sew, sew, cute! Thank you for your tutorial and hard work. Happy Quilting. Julie Beard. Adelaide South Australia.

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