7 thoughts on “Girl Sewing at Window

  1. Rosemary B here:
    Oh very sweet!
    Thanks for finding and sharing, Lori
    Happy Mother’s Day (which is every day) yearly celebration day of honor, sugary treats and presents

  2. I love every picture that you show. They are precious. I have many favorites from a painter named Daniel Ridgway Knight. I discovered him 10-12 years ago. He has such detailed pictures of 19th century life. There is one called the Village Seamstress. You can research on Wikipedia, but I found a blog that show many of his famous paintings with some commentary about his life. It is a blog written in French, but you can have Google translate. Pictures #5 and #20 are of women sewing. I thought you would enjoy his paintings. http://algarve-saibamais.blogspot.com/2012/03/o-pintor-daniel-ridgway-knight.html

    • Thanks so much for sharing all these paintings. Indeed, I look forward every week to see which painting you have found to post on the site

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