Seamstress in Fine Art now in Paper Piecing!


Girl Sewing, Theodore RobinsonPEGGY WORKS HER MAGIC

We are in for a real treat this week!  Peggy created a fabulous new paper pieced pattern for readers of The Inbox Jaunt.

This pattern was based on Theodore Robinson’s “October Sunlight” (Read more HERE)  and is from The Inbox Jaunt’s Saturday series:  “Seamstresses in Fine Art”.

Theodore Robinson "October Sunlight"  Paper Pieced Quilting PatternNOTES FROM PEGGY

There are more colors listed on the color chart than a normal person should consider, but the extra colors help distinguish one patch from another.

Unlike The Morning Heron from last week  that fit on one sheet of paper, this finished project measures 24″ x 21″. The reversed black and white line drawing PDF file is on 6 sheets that must be taped together to achieve that final minimum size. Enlarging the paper plans further will make the details of the woman even easier to sew.

Even though green is a color some of us barely remember…Here’s another possible color way.



GetAttachment-2NOTES FROM LORI

Thank you, Peggy for your fine work!  I can’t wait to try my hand at paper piecing!  (I will definitely stitch mine in green!)

October Sunrise Pattern Piecing Pattern by Peggy Color Chart HERE

October Sunrise Six Page Line Pattern (Reversed) HERE 

Here’s the link to the Tutorial on Freezer Paper Foundation Piecing : Twiddledetails Store

Have Fun and Keep Stitching!


PS…Peggy’s Patterns are intended for personal use only.  For any other purpose, please contact Peggy at:

24 thoughts on “Seamstress in Fine Art now in Paper Piecing!

  1. Would Peggy be willing to do a guest post explaining her method of making a paper pieced design? What computer program(s) she uses, etc.

    • It’ll come to that, probably, but for the moment I’m working hard at filling in some of what’s needed for it to be a practical tool, and finding out where the kinks are, what the important steps are, and where there are pitfalls. All your comments are helpful towards that end.

  2. Rosemary B here:
    I would LOVE to see any one’s completed masterpiece.
    These plans are so well done!
    Peggy is very talented in this endeavor WOW

  3. These are unbelievably wonderful! It would be extra special if you had a way to access them from your website so in the future one could find them. I’ve been trying to print each one out thinking this is the best it gets – then another one comes that is even more amazing.
    Thanks and more thanks,

    • Hi Sue, Great idea! For now you can type “paper piecing” in the search box on the sidebar. I will have to do a little re-design of my blog to add a page at the top—which I will work on in June.

  4. This is beautiful. But I’m a bit confused. The numbers indicate colors, but not order of piecing. Usually paper piecing has an order. I’m really knew it paper piecing so I don’t know if you have to have that.

    • Yes, you do need to order your paper piecing. Often, with a flower, you start at the center and, log-cabin-style, keep adding concentric pieces. With a design like the Morning Heron, you could pretty much see the sequence because so much of it was done in horizontal bands. In this Theodore Robinson painting, it’s not at all apparent. I have just uploaded a visual colored map on Lori’s right-hand side bar Flickr link. There you will see the left portion of the paper piecing pattern colored with the fall colors, paired with another colored “map” showing which sections to put together as units before assembling into larger sections.

      Posting these paper piecing designs for you on Lori’s site is allowing me to hear what people need to know… and how to make it available in a practical format. I’m still thinking about this “sequence map” and how many details are necessary. Comments and questions are very welcome.

      • Too bad I can’t copy or print out the Flicker sample. Even so, it still seems confusing to me. I am used to have sections number with letters and the piecing order in each section numbered.

        This is a beautiful pattern and I thank you for it. I will stretch mself in trying to figure it out.

      • Susan, if you are going to tackle the project, I can send you a numbered set the way you need it. Just drop me a note at paperpiecingheartland**at**

  5. This will be just beautiful when pieced. Thank you Peggy for such wonderful work and for sharing it with us. Thanks to you, too, Lori for giving us inspiring images of great paintings.

  6. These are truly masterpieces. Can’t wait to make Heron and October Sunlight! I have never seen such beautiful paper piecing patterns!

    • Hi Deirdre, Thank you, thank you. I’m so glad you like the patterns. Please drop me a note when you have questions. And keep your eye on theinboxjaunt. I’ve just given Lori a goose-and-gosling pattern to post sometime soon. — Peggy

  7. I have a picture of my mother in law and I by some trees holding my week old son. I was wondering how easy would it be to make that change to this pattern to do that…

    • That sounds just delightful. Correspond with me via sending the photo as an email, or just to get a mailing address from me and I’ll be better able to tell you what we might work out. Custom patterns can cost anything from $10 to $35. The resulting projects are very personal and like nothing else you can do. Do write.

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