The Heron–A Paper Pieced Pattern

Sunrise, Heron, Morning


Remember this photo from Silent Sunday?

Peggy R has worked her magic on it and created a Paper Pieced Heron for all of us at The Inbox Jaunt!

This gorgeous pattern can be made with only nine colors!  (For those of us who are newbies to paper-piecing, that seems manageable!)

You can download the entire pattern and color chart below. (Use the “back button” to return to The Inbox Jaunt).

The finished size is 7 1/2 x 10 inches as is….but, of course you can enlarge the pattern to suit your needs…

PR-Heron, Paper PiecedPattern HERE:MorningHeronMini NoLines FullColor-1


PR-Heron, Paper Pieced, Color ChartColor Chart HERE  MorningHeronMini Color Chart 9 colors PRiemer


PR-Heron, Paper Pieced, PatternMorningHeronMini 9 fabric full page design


If you’re new to paper-piecing (like me)…Peggy recommends this tutorial from the Twiddletails Store HERE

If anyone else can recommend a tutorial for paper or foundation piecing, please let us know!


I know many of you are going to give Peggy’s patterns a try..when you do, please let us know!  I’m really excited to see these gorgeous patterns come to life!


Two things to know about Peggy–she’s tireless AND she loves a challenge…That’s why she’s sharing these gorgeous patterns with us.

 The Easter Sunrise pattern was fabulous, too!  (If you missed it –see HERE)

So join me in thanking her once again:  Thank YOU, Peggy!

Got to run…I’m going to print this off and choose my fabrics!


37 thoughts on “The Heron–A Paper Pieced Pattern

  1. That paper pieced heron is fantastic. Thank you Peggy.
    Lori I just received my copy of AQ from my UK stockist. It’s so fantastic to see you in print. I have taken out a subscription because this mag is packed full of good stuff. Keep up the great work Lori and thanks for sharing.

  2. Linda Hibbert, Silver linings originals. she offers a free paper piecing pattern once a month. She does some amazing stuff.

  3. Rosemary B here:
    Yikes! This one is amazing.
    Thank you Peggy for creating this from Lori’s photo! This is beautiful!
    I would love to see the results. This one and the last would make a nice duo in similar sizes. Very lovely
    Happy Monday everyone!

  4. WOW!!! You and Peggy are so amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern, I love it!! This one goes on my Must Do list!!! Have a lovely week and thanks again!!!

  5. Thank you, how wonderful. My favorite paper to print on for paper piecing is Carol Doak’s Foundation paper, it tears away easily and is great to run through your printer. In case anyone is wondering what to use and are new to paper piecing.

  6. The paper piecing pattern is just as artistic as the photo.I love them both. Thank you to both of you creative women.

  7. just embarked on a discovery of paper piecing. i am so grateful for these two exquisite designs. How ‘peaceful’ they are. Will certainly enjoy putting them together. Thank you both so very much.

  8. Marilyn again, just viewed the tutorial, how magical. Now paper piecing may become my prefered method for attempting intricate designs. Well simple ones first! Thank-you so much once again. Imust try to find a stockist for your magazine, or maybe I can subscribe directly from Australia? Cheers. I am going to have a great day today.

  9. This paper pieced heron is just perfectly perfect for my challenge project! Each of our quilt guild members was given a fat quarter of watery-looking fabric and challenged to make something quilted, with the theme of “Superior Reflections”. Our town is located on the shore of Lake Superior. I used this pattern for the project and am very pleased with it! Am I allowed to post a photo here? Thank you for sharing this pattern!

  10. I would love to make this heron but would need the order in which to sew the pieces as any patterns I’ve used before indicate this.

  11. Lori,
    What is the sequence for sewing the seams? I am interested in trying the Heron. Thanks,

  12. I love, love your pattern, The Heron, but as beginner to paper piecing, I really need the sequence in which the pieces are sewn. I have tried and tried, and am very frustrated. I really hope you can help.

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