5 thoughts on “Sewing in the Garden at Marquayrol

  1. Rosemary B here:
    Ah…. looks just like my back yard. lol, not.
    This is so sweet. I have an internet friend that used to go “camper-ing” and sew on a picnic table with her fancy machine and everything. She put pictures on her blog, it was pretty funny to see but I am sure delightful to sew outside with your machine (okay maybe distracting)
    I just found a big box of my mom’s sewing (age 90 now) from her “home ec” school.
    All of it was handsewing and it is marvelous.
    Thanks for finding this one

  2. This is an enchanting painting. It was interesting to see just how he used parallel strokes to achieve his look. Of course, if I was to try to sew like that, I’d probably drop it in the pool.

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