American Quilter Winners!


Free Motion Quilt Tutorial, The Square Flower


Thank you to all who participated in the  American Quilter Magazine Giveaway Contest!

You’re ALL Winners in my book….but only three of you can get a magazine (this time).   Many more Giveaways to come….

The Winners of the May issue of American Quilter Magazine (with my debut article) are:

  • Rosemary B-
  • Hazel Spindler
  • Leslie Schmidt

Ladies, please contact me with your address at and I’ll pop a SIGNED copy (LOL) of American Quilter in the mail ASAP….


If you didn’t win and would like a copy…it’s available at most craft stores, Barnes and Noble, etc. or you can subscribe HERE


I was delighted to see that there was a good mix of patterns chosen.  Seems there’s something for everyone, but the Fan Favorites were:  The Square Flower and Flower Power

Free Motion Quilting, Square Flower

Free Motion Quilted Flowers

The Wind and The Irish Chain were also big favorites.

The Irish Chain, Free Motion Quilt Tutorial


The Wave, Free Motion Quilting Tutorial, Long Arm Quilting Motif


One thing that surprised me…NOT ONE person voted for MY FAVORITE–The Greek KeyGreek Key Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

I use this pattern all the time in my quilts and I love it!  A classic design, The Greek Key is the perfect contrast to curvy patterns.

Is it too hard?

Is it not presented well?

I’m left to wonder….

Enough musing for now…I’ve got 520 more Tuesday Tutorials and a few American Quilter samples to stitch!  (Right, Rosemary B?)


PS…All tutorials, images and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Feel free to blog, pin, tweet with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes please contact me at  Thanks!

11 thoughts on “American Quilter Winners!

  1. Generally, floral inspired motifs are faves (along with any feather!!!!). The square flower can bridge the traditional and modern feel….IMHO. Congrats to all and to you on your Am. Quilter debut!!!!!!

  2. Rosemary B here:
    what what what?? I am so happy so proud and sooo honored to win the magazine.
    I will be honest, I could NOT PICK my three favorites. It was too hard!!!
    It is something like picking your favorite child 😀
    Oh my goodness, I am thrilled.
    Thank you for this offer and I am very glad to receive this magazine.
    I will email you right now
    Thank you Lori!

  3. I was so happy to see my name as a winner…thank you so much for the magazine. I have sent you my address via e-mail. I chose the square flower because I am using it most all the time in my quilts (currently) and receive rave reviews. That one is my favorite right now but I LOVE all of your designs and try them out often on my sampler practice cloth.

  4. I think the Greek Key is a great design that could be used so many places, BUT…I can see why it wouldn’t be picked as the all time favorite because OMG do you know how hard it is to pick just one? Also, when I tried to narrow down the choices, I picked complex and beautiful designs that you had made seem possible to recreate. The Greek Key, while interesting and widely useful, doesn’t look soooo hard to figure out.

  5. I think the Greek Key is fine…I just always go for the twirly, swirly, curly stuff over the geometric designs every time and your are right…it is a good mix. Congrats to the winners of the mag.! I’ll look for one today in town. Thanks for all the great stuff on your site Lori. 🙂

  6. I, for one, tried your Greek Key and found it very hard. I had to pick out a lot of stitches. I couldn’t scale it right. Could you share with us what kind of placement markings you make or “rails” you use to help you in stitching. I do not have a stitch regulator and when I tried the Greek Key I had to go so slow to get a straight line and to turn the corners that my stitches piled up on one another. Marcie V.

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so looking forward to receiving the magazine. And signed, yet! I’ve had a brush with celebrity.
    I think the Greek key looks difficult because you have to make the lines straight while turning corners, and quickly. Also, it doesn’t have the visual impact of the more curvy designs. You make it look simple, but it isn’t for me.

    Thanks again for choosing my name. I’ll get right on sending you my address.

  8. I do like you Greek Key design…it is very simple to do on my longarm, but the swirly, twirly designs go even faster on a longarm. I would think that the Greek Key would be a huge favorite of those who use their DSM to quilt on – keep your speed constant, count the stitches between the turns! Or give yourself 1″ markings on your sashing and use your 1/4″ foot to keep the distances even! I have been known to count the stitches when quilting on my longarm so I don’t have to do so much marking when using rulers.

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