Stars Turning the Corner


I am NOT talking about Lindsay Lohan

If you want to read about stars in rehab, you’ll have to try HERE.

The Inbox Jaunt is still mostly about quilting…

Stars in the Corner, Free Motion Quilting


This week, a reader asked me how to turn the corner with The Swirling Stars free motion quilt (FMQ) pattern. See the tutorial HERE.

It is very easy to turn the corner (when you are a FMQ star–Hollywood stars–not so much…)

The “first pass” of The Swirling Stars pattern is a spiral with a long tail…

To turn the corner, simply stitch a spiral in the corner ….and stitch the tail into the new direction.

Stars in the Corner, Free Motion Quilting

Next, draw the stars…

Stars in the Corner, Free Motion Quilting

Stitch the second and third “passes”  just as you did before.

Stars in the Corner, Free Motion Quilting


If you aren’t sure how to “bend”a pattern to turn the corner…(speaking of benders…did you read the article from Access Hollywood?…I digress)

  • Stop the motif at the corner.  
  • Stitch a new design element in the corner.
  • Then pick up your motif again.

Looks great every time!


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Tata For Now (TTFN)

It’s raining cats and dogs here…and I have a zillion tutorials swirling in my head…How many Tuesdays are in a decade???


PS…This tutorial was quilted with Sulky rayon on top and Aurifil cotton in the bobbin on my Bernina 820 without a stitch regulator.

PS….All images, tutorials and information are the property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use only.  Please feel free to blog, pin, tweet with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For all other purposes, please contact me at  Thank you, kindly!



11 thoughts on “Stars Turning the Corner

  1. Thanks for the corner turning lesson…so…I have a funny question…what is with the “but I digress”…I only read two blogs…yours and Bonnie Hunter’s and you both said that in your post this morning! LOL! I admit…had to google it. Just thought it was funny you both said it the same day.

  2. Rosemary B here:
    Good, I never want to know what those stars are doing anyway, then I have to either bleach my brains or my eye balls.

    This is an excellent idea, and I am happy you shared it.

    There are 520 Tuesdays — more or less in a decade
    I want to win this magazine so that is my math skills for ya.

    Happy Thursday, my favorite day before Open Line Friday

  3. So when you stitch the border star (after stitching the swirls and using a template to mark the stars), you go up one side and then down the other in order to not cross the swirls’ tails?

  4. LOL Rosemary B is correct, 520 weeks in a decade so that would make 520 Tutorial Tuesdays!!! Thanks for showing us how to go around the corner…some designs are so hard to get to make that 90 degree turn with!

  5. There can be quite a few Tuesdays. You can compare it to those people who turn 29 or 39 or 49 years the 5th time… So you do not have to worry about that.

  6. have you offered suggestions on what to use for marking. I’m fairly new to your site and see the white lines here – Do you have different marking techniques?

  7. My favorite quilt tutorial is flower power! But I enjoy each one when they come each week and refer back to them. Congrats on your column in the magazine. I thought you you should be in a publication or video from the first time I read your blog!

  8. Thank heaven that you have thousands of designs in your head, because I sure don’t, and thank you for sharing all those wonderful designs in your head!!! Happy Thursday!

  9. I’m a little confused…….you stitch the line of swirls all around, then draw the star all around…… you then just stitch the tops of the stars and come back around and stitch the bottoms of the stars?

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