‘A” is for Apple…A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Apple Free Motion Quilt Tutorial


On my sidebar, you may have noticed the Apple-link to ALL the free motion quilt tutorials (just click on the apple and– magic–all the tutorials appear!) –I have had several requests for a tutorial for the apple.  With the end of the school year just weeks away, one reader suggested The Apple would make a great gift for teachers…Thanks, LaVonne for the idea…so here we go!


Begin by drawing a square.  In the sample below, I drew a six-inch square (using the Clover chaco-liner pen).

Begin stitching 1-1/4 inches below the top line.  Stitch up to create the curvy top of the apple, then down and at a slight angle to the bottom line.  On the bottom line,  stitch a slight wave and then up again to create the left side of the apple.

Do not fret too much about the shape of your apple.  In nature, apples are very oddly shaped. The key is a little wave at the top and bottom of the apple.

NOTE-Leave a small gap between the beginning stitches and the top of the apple which you just stitched.

Apple Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Stitch a triangle stem.  Again, leave a gap–

Apple Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Now stitch a leaf-single or double.

Stitch through “the gap” and echo the upper left side of the apple.

Apple Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Stitch a spiral and echo back to the top of the apple. (See The Spiral tutorial HERE)

This apple is complete the way it is, or you can echo around the entire apple and leaf for a more finished look.  (Not shown here.)

Apple Free Motion Quilt TutorialIf you want a fancy-schmancy apple- (Remember how nice that teacher was to your little tyke….!

Instead of returning to the top of the apple, drop down and add another spiral…

Apple Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Echo around the spiral and add more spirals…

Apple Free Motion Quilt Tutorial…until you fill the entire apple.

Then echo stitch around the apple and  knot off. (See Knots HERE and HERE)

An apple so good you’ll want to make a pie!

Apple Free Motion Quilt Tutorial


NOTE-This tutorial was stitched with Robison-Anton Rayon thread on top and Aurifil 50wt cotton thread in the bobbin on my Bernina 820 without a stitch regulator.


For an  free motion quilted table runner with apples..see HERE

For another (UFO) apple project, check this out HERE

And for a completed apple project HERE


Lori Appleseed

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18 thoughts on “‘A” is for Apple…A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

  1. Thank you! I want to make a fruit motif table runner for my kitchen table. I want to put an apple, a pear, and maybe a banana or some grapes on it. I’d try a peach but don’t think it would look much different than the apple 🙂 Love your style.

  2. Thanks Lori! I have sat and studied your apple a couple times thinking it was so cute. An apple a day keeps the Dr away!…or does it…be careful chasing the clock this month!! After sewing 40 plus years I got in a hurry putting in a zipper in a baby sleep sac and guess what!!…cringe!!…yep…dropped that needle in a finger…least it was just the fleshy part…man did that smart! I thought of you right away and can’t imagine how that hurt! My daughter was sewing with me and I just went on and on to her to be careful with the zipper foot (red face). Do as I say not as I do…(heehee) Remember…safety third!! LOL!

  3. I work for a fruit packing company. Our main fruit is APPLES. I live in Adams County PA,-Big Apple Orchard County. Love this!!!

  4. Thanks so much, Lori, I appreciate you taking the time to demo the apple. I’ll be trying it today. P.S. Congrats again on your AQ column. I’ve learned so much from you and look forward to enhancing my skills more.

  5. You make it look so simple! I just love apples and my kitchen is decorated with them and now I can make some more accessories with Apple Quilting on them! Thanks Lori!

  6. thank you for fulfilling my request. I was making a set of apple mug rugs for my grandson’s teacher for year end. This will finish it perfectly – I couldn’t figure out how to do the inside pattern from the picture. thanks again

  7. Oh Lori, your apple has come at the best time. I am busy making some summertime apple dessert rugs for a couple of my granddaughters teachers as a thank you gift as this is her last year at elementary school, And now I can start practicing this and get it going so that the apples will have a bit of pazazz…..

  8. I love that apple! Thanks for the tutorial! I notice you mentioned using Robison Anton rayon in the needle, Aurifil in the bobbin. Do you always/usually use a rayon thread for your tutorials? Your stitching always looks SO PRETTY — I want mine to look pretty like yours! 🙂

  9. This is a great design. I even like the partial quilting. That makes a whole different look to the pattern. Thanks again for such marvelous tutorials.

  10. Lori, thank you for this tutorial. I have been wanting to know how to do thatApple ever since I started following you sometime ago. It is beautiful and will fit in so many projects. Thanks for what you do!


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