11 thoughts on “The Sleeping Spinner

  1. Lori, you choose some beautiful artworks. I love them all! It is so wonderful to sit and quietly study the beautifully detailed paintings you have put on your blog since I have been following you. These artists have such talent!

  2. I’ve always been curious on just how spinning works…what’s in the little tiny pot hanging there do you suppose? Wow do I know that snoozing feeling sometimes…LOL!

    • I am a spinner and have raised flax. The pot has water to aid in spinning the flax into linen. She is not spinning wool.. The rod she is spinning off is known as a “distaff” and there is a hole on the wheel near the left of the pot to insert it if she chooses not to spin from her lap.
      Beautiful picture and thanks for posting it. I have a picture of me on my blog spinning back in the ’70s at a fair. I have a small group of ladies who meet every Wed at the Sr Center and sometimes we spin, quilt or tat.

  3. I just love your Saturday artworks! I recently watched someone spinning wool into yarn at the Cracker Country exhibit in the Florida State Fair. Seemed like a soothing, meditative process. Thanks for finding and sharing such great art, Lori!

  4. Wouldn’t it be great to time travel, bring Gustav Courbet to the present, and have him paint a Portrait of a Free-Motion Quilter? Preferably not asleep, though, with your face smashed into your sewing machine… 😉

  5. Love the paintings!! It’s a great way to fill your blog right now when you have your bazillion activities going on. Thanks!

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