15 thoughts on “A Girl Knitting

  1. Maybe she’s knitting right from the sheep. I’ve never tried knitting with the animals!

  2. I’ve tried finishing a quilt in a field with ducks that tried to keep getting on the quilt great fun as i was trying to get it ready for an exhibition in a field near by to the exhibition, I didn’t want duck poo on my quilt, how mad am I ! X

  3. How fun to have your post be on knitting today, I just picked it up yesterday and am starting to learn.

  4. Is she sitting on a quilt? Also you can barely see her hooked staff in the grass for the lambs. Maybe the knitted item is for an expected babe of her own….l love this….. would love to see the real one..thanks Lori !

  5. I like the serenity the picture portrays . And she looks warm in the sun…I’m so sick of snow. LOL! I would love to learn to knit better…just do simple things being self taught and not really diving into it. But it’s fun. My daughter just received a small knitted baby blanket at her shower from a friend and it is just cozy and precious. Love it. 🙂

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