Open Line Friday-Quilt Abbreviations

Vintage ThreadWould you  believe that when I began blogging (August 2012), I didn’t know what FMQ stood for-and I had to ask another blogger?  How’s that for embarrassing!   Just last week I learned what LAQ stands for–Long Arm Quilting.    In order to prevent any more embarrassing situations for any of us…I propose we make ONE list…I’ll make a tab for it in my sidebar…

Vintage ThreadToday, on Open Line Friday…quilting, sewing, and blogging abbreviations and acronyms...

Or if you’d rather talk about embarrassing situations…I think we’re all friends here and up for a LOL!

TTFN,(TaTa For Now)

LCK (any guesses what “C” stands for?)

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  1. Over Christmas one of my sons slept in my workroom and on one of my shelves was a sign with my ufo’s on, he spent along time trying to work out what UFO was knowing I hate sci-fi really made me laugh x

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