Bunting Bonanza-A Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Bunting Bonanza-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Good Morning, Quilters and Welcome Back to another episode of Tuesday Tutorials!  (If you’ve missed any episodes, you can find re-runs HERE.)

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s show:  The Paper Pieced Heron Pattern from Peggy…I can’t wait to give it a go!   Not until after THE Wedding….

I have an absolutely gorgeous pattern for you today- a beginner border that will look fab on any quilt!  Bunting Bonanza would look great on a “girly” quilt, but it would look  equally great on a patriotic quilt.


Begin by drawing two “rails”.  If your quilt has a border-you don’t need to draw the “rails”.  Use the size of the border and fill it in…. In the sample below, the drawn lines, or “rails” are two inches apart.

Next, draw “tick” marks on the top line…This helps keep each swag the same size.  In the sample below, the “tick” marks are three inches apart.

Begin stitching on the top rail.  Stitch a shallow curved line, flattening out at each end.

Bunting Bonanza-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Now stitch back to the first line, adding a little more depth to the curve in the middle.

Bunting Bonanza-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

As you stitch from left to right this time, add scallops.  Try to make the center scallop a little bigger than the rest…but don’t fret about this too much.  Depending on the size of the “swag” you may have more than five scallops.

Bunting Bonanza-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Repeat this pattern for a lovely border…

Bunting Bonanza-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

Or…Sweep back to your starting point again…

Bunting Bonanza-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

And then back to the right again with scallops…

Bunting Bonanza-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

For a more DELUXE border!

Bunting Bonanza-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

You can “doll it up” even more with a circle and drop down ribbons between each swag.

Bunting Bonanza-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

When you come to a corner…  add The Pretty Bow or a different embellishment.

Corners are a chance to be creative!

Bunting Bonanza-Free Motion Quilt Tutorial

NOTE:  One of the keys to success with this pattern:  Do not overlap stitches at the ends…this leads to  thread build up.


This tutorial was stitched on Kona cotton with Aurifil 50wt cotton thread in the bobbin and Sulky Rayon on top using a Schmetz 90 Topstitch needle on my Bernina 820 without a stitch regulator.


I hope this Beautiful Bunting Bonanza makes it to your next quilt…and when it does, I’d love to see it!

Signed with Swag,


PS…It’s wedding countdown time…Again, please be patient if I’m a little lax about blogging.  I promise to have all the Tuesday Tutorials, but beyond that…no promises…

PPS…Thank you to all of you who have told your “quilty” friends about us!  My motto:  The More, The Merrier!

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The Heron–A Paper Pieced Pattern

Sunrise, Heron, Morning


Remember this photo from Silent Sunday?

Peggy R has worked her magic on it and created a Paper Pieced Heron for all of us at The Inbox Jaunt!

This gorgeous pattern can be made with only nine colors!  (For those of us who are newbies to paper-piecing, that seems manageable!)

You can download the entire pattern and color chart below. (Use the “back button” to return to The Inbox Jaunt).

The finished size is 7 1/2 x 10 inches as is….but, of course you can enlarge the pattern to suit your needs…

PR-Heron, Paper PiecedPattern HERE:MorningHeronMini NoLines FullColor-1


PR-Heron, Paper Pieced, Color ChartColor Chart HERE  MorningHeronMini Color Chart 9 colors PRiemer


PR-Heron, Paper Pieced, PatternMorningHeronMini 9 fabric full page design


If you’re new to paper-piecing (like me)…Peggy recommends this tutorial from the Twiddletails Store HERE

If anyone else can recommend a tutorial for paper or foundation piecing, please let us know!


I know many of you are going to give Peggy’s patterns a try..when you do, please let us know!  I’m really excited to see these gorgeous patterns come to life!


Two things to know about Peggy–she’s tireless AND she loves a challenge…That’s why she’s sharing these gorgeous patterns with us.

 The Easter Sunrise pattern was fabulous, too!  (If you missed it –see HERE)

So join me in thanking her once again:  Thank YOU, Peggy!

Got to run…I’m going to print this off and choose my fabrics!