17 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

    • Spring is coming so hang in there Lori! We just had three beautiful days in a row here in southern Oregon but we all know sometime between now and the middle of April we always get another winter storm! Enjoy your day! Stay in and play! This morning I got up early and sewed 1″ hexies onto a handbag I made last year. The bag looks much better with that little addition! Sharon

  1. Have to admit, at least the snow covers the brown dead uglies. 🙂 We were snowed on all day yesterday in WY. (I didn’t care…sewed all day long!)

  2. Hi from Iowa. Even this time of year, there’s nothing as beautifully “clean” as fresh snowfall. Glad to hear about NC. We’re headed there in 9 days 🙂

  3. I would say beautiful but I am so sick of the snow this year.
    I would much rather see flowers and sunshine.

  4. It’s so “refreshing” to see this when summer is in full throttle here in Brasil… 🙂
    Beautiful pic, congrats!

  5. We had an ice storm here in SC a few weeks ago, it looked absolutely beautiful, like a crystal world. Unfortunately, the trees did not like it and we had a great deal of damage to our trees. We have a group of men from Minnesota Tree Company helping with the clean up..

  6. Hello from Huntington, Vermont (just south of Burlington), where we got 22″ of snow on Wednesday/Thursday and 3″ more last night! I am anxiously awaiting spring when the snow drops and daffodils will spring up! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  7. In Wisconsin we’ve had several days in a row of warmer (20-40 degrees) and a lot of thawing on the huge snowbanks, but more snow forecast for Tues & Wed. I’m encouraged to start seeing an end to this winter because of these nice days in between.

  8. As gorgeous as the snow is, I prefer keeping it in our mountains. Here in Washington state we have webbed feet and built-in umbrellas for our predominantly rainy weather. Spring has sprung though! Daffodil fields blooming and tulips on the way. I have been obsessed with making tulip quilts all winter for tulip festival.

  9. I know everyone is tired of snow, but I love those big fluffy flakes! and the reddish brown of the grass and tree trunk. very nice!

  10. Congratulations on reaching 3000 subscribers and growing. An indication of how much your talent is appreciated. A definite highlight to my day.

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