20 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. If you have lemons you make lemonade and if you have snow you make a snowman. What an amazing snowman you made, very artistic.

  2. 35 degrees celcius today, beautiful and sunny too. Leaves are starting to turn and autumn is only a few short weeks away! I wondering whether winter will be like the last one slightly warmer than usual and no frosts at all in the city. Hope is pours rain this winter as it was very dry for the last. We need rain and lots of it. Julie Beard Adelaide South Australia.

  3. Lori: I live in Phoenix. The weather is in the low 80’s and so very beautiful here. If you can’t be here, just close your eyes and dream…I’m sending you warm wishes.

  4. Wow, so many Aussies. It’s not only summer here, but Monday morning too. Julie, it is raining here (Brisbane), but with 80% of Queensland drought declared, it is precious little and not where it is needed.
    Lori, your snowman is adorable. A feast for tired eyes on a hot day.

  5. Love the pictures on Silent Sunday. Also the Art, it has been a long time since I had Art in college. Thank you.


  6. That’s INCREDIBLE! Is that at your house? My poor kids in North Carolina have to settle for building snow dwarves… They’re just glad we saw any snow at all.

  7. Love this! We didn’t get enough snow in Utah this year. We got a couple of big dumps, but then the rest of our storms (I believe) went to you guys! Enjoy!!

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