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  1. Rosemary B here:
    Being of Dutch heritage, both of my parents are Dutch and from Rotterdam.
    I love Vermeer, and have a copy of this painting purchased from The National Gallery of Art, hanging in my sewing room
    I love everything from the Netherlands ๐Ÿ™‚ mostly my parents. They are both 90 and survived WW2 and now I am taking care of them
    Thank you for sharing this lovely painting

  2. Vermeer is my most favorite of all ! In this painting, it looks as if she has a pillow and a book holding the fabric so it will not slide out of the position she needs. I would love to be there (and make tea?) and be allowed to watch. All the fabrics in the Netherlands art seem so rich and touchable and would love to tour their fabric “production” facilities. Why, oh, why didn’t I take Textiles at university instead of “regular” Art ?!!! LOL All my ancestors appear to be from Ireland or England, I was wondering whether you would do a piece for March and you have once again outdone yourself… love your shamrocks up top of the page… Marta

  3. Enjoy all the paintings, photographs, and FMQ tutorials! Do you have, or would you do one for the shamrocks? : )

  4. I enjoy the art! Is fun to see what you find. I want to know how she made the lace!!! Can’t believe it’s March…came in like a lion…s’pose it’ll go out like a lamb? 8 below and snowing but I’m so happy to be home. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I believe that type of lacemaking (Bobbin lace) is taught at John C Campbell Folk School near where I live.

  6. I have seen this painting and was so taken by it’s size…actually most of Vermeer’s paintings are very small. Which makes the detail all the more incredible. I love paintings that show a slice of life from another time.

  7. Just love the shamrocks! Also love The Lacemaker. I think this is my favourite of all Vermeer’s works – and I love them all. Such realism in his paintings that I feel I could walk into the room and embrace his characters!

  8. Oh, by the way, we have a beautiful, sun-shiny day here today with a warm 23 degree (Celsius) and I am sitting outside in the sun eating my lunch, listening to birds in the garden!

  9. The Vermeer is gorgeous/inspiring!!!! and the shamrocks…..awesome!!!!! Looking forward to the tute!!!! Hugs………………

  10. The girl in the painting is making bobbin lace. Quite a few years ago, my two daughters and I took lessons from a local lacemaker. I would love to get back to it someday, but quilting is currently taking up all of my crafty time!

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