Open Line Friday–Why Do YOU Quilt?

Free Motion Quilting, Scissors


Have you ever considered WHY you quilt?  The first response that comes to my head is “Because I can’t stop”.  So is it some kind of addiction?  If you Google “quilts” and “addiction” pages and pages of information can be found-most are fabric stores, blogs, etc, but the notion of quilting as an addiction is not unique to me.  I was unable to find any serious discussion about it, but I am left to wonder…


What drives this quilt-obsession?  For me, it’s the need to create and answer the question:  What if?  What if I tried this fabric combination instead of that?  What if I used this thread instead?  What if I changed that block to this one?  What if I did “this” instead of “that”–would it improve the process?  I enjoy both the creative and intellectual challenge of quilting.


I think I am also driven by color.  I love color.  I love the array of colors found in both fabrics and threads.  I love sorting and re-sorting fabrics into different color combinations for my quilt blocks  and trying all sorts of thread/fabric combinations.


Finally, I want to create quilts so generations down the line will know me in some small way.   I love the quilts and afghans that my husband and I have inherited from previous generations.


Today on Open Line Friday, I’d love to hear why YOU quilt…

Thank you in advance for sharing…


Free Motion Quilting, Scissors

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90 thoughts on “Open Line Friday–Why Do YOU Quilt?

  1. In college I majored in painting, but ended up getting an engineering degree so I could make a living. Now, many decades later, I’ve retired and spend all my spare time painting with fabric (aka quilting). I love abstract designs and playing with color. I can’t stop mulling over designs and options in my head. I see quilt designs everywhere – I even dream them!

    The quilters in my guild are a creative community of kind, funny, generous, helpful people and best of all, they totally understand my obsession.

    Also, it is a life-long, never-ending pursuit. There’s so much to learn and I will probably never make all the quilts I have on my bucket list. But I’m sure going to try!

  2. I quilt because I have enough fabric for a small fabric store and I spent a chunk of change on a longarm – with a hundreds of cones of thread, rulers, templates, patterns, books, magazines – that my DH and daughters will hate me for if I don’t use it up before I die!! 🙂 Besides, it’s hard to have more fun legally than playing with fabric, thread and my imagination!! And SCORE!! I have something pretty and useful at the end!!!

    • OMG, I can so totally relate. I went to my first quilt camp this past October and I went through all my fabric to look for projects. It was embarrassing how much fabric I found. Came across 7 complete projects tied in bundles. I too have a long arm (which I need to use more) but probably not as much thread as you do – but I probably need more. Recently retired and have lots of sewing plans. Have a great day.

  3. I was introduced to quilting as a teenager. I sewed clothes in 4-H and sewing quilts seemed just an extension of my sewing skills. I quickly began doing more quilting than tailoring. I got involved in a local group, then a guild, took classes, joined an international organization. Now, I’ve gotten both of my sisters involved. Personally, I think that quilting is a way for women to connect. We need the social element in life. Quilting has been around for hundreds of years. I realize that more and more men are getting involved in quilting. But, for the majority of us, quilting provides a social connection among women; an avenue to learn, create, encourage, teach, help others, and on and on. Of course, the feel of the fabric, the gorgeous colors, the look of the quilting, yeah, that gets me too.

    • Pamela, I think that the social and solo aspects of quilting are more reasons so very many people participate in quilting! Great hobby no matter who you are!

  4. I quilt, and knit, for a lot of different reasons. I love playing “what if” with little scraps of fabric and different colors and layouts. I love making pretty little things, especially when I’m playing with scraps from the thrift store and making something out of almost nothing.

    Lately I’m using my quilting to channel stress. My husband was in a head on collision with a drunk driver who crossed the center line. While we wait to see what the future holds, I’m working on fiddly quilting projects. For a couple of hours at least, I can distract myself by fussing with itty bitty squares and trying to match the seams. Honestly, it’s more productive to lie awake at night and design quilt blocks in my head than it is to worry about things that are completely out of our control.

    I’m calmer when I’ve been quilting.

    • Michele–That is awful news! So very sorry to hear it. When was the accident? Is your husband at home or in the hospital? I do think sewing is calming and therapeutic.
      You are in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated. Lori

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