Every Day Art

Alligator DrawingI’m feeling a bit “under the weather” today and completely uncreative.  This alligator was sent to me by my sister’s grandson.  It brightens my kitchen…

Don’t you think this would be a great quilt pattern?

Maybe Jack could send a few more drawings my way? (Hint, hint)

Hope you are all well and feeling creative.


…and I did get my flu shot this year…

A Doodle Kind of Week

Sewing DoodlesIt’s only the ninth day of January, and it’s already been a busy year!  Some weeks it’s just impossible to get into my sewing room.  Still, I never have trouble finding time to doodle.

Sometimes my doodles are as mindless as the “radiant orchid” scribbles below…But even that can spur an idea…Does it look a bit like an Easter Basket to you?

Sewing DoodlesOne of our followers would like a tutorial on my sidebar sewing machine doodle.  I’m working on that in the doodles below.

Sewing DoodlesAs long as I can’t be at my sewing machine, at least I can doodle a few patchworks…

Sewing Doodles

Sewing DoodlesIf you don’t get to stitch this week…try a few doodles or just scribble.  At least you’re still being creative!


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