Open Line Friday–Tell Us About YOUR Blog

Threads, Sewing RoomToday is Friday…It’s been a cold week but it’s supposed to warm up today…One day of warmth (30F)  and we are back to sub-zero weather.  They are already talking about closing schools next week.  Minnesota is always cold, but this is unprecedented!  What we need is a little quilting to keep us warm!

A lot of new quilters  have joined us in the last few weeks and on behalf of all the friends and followers of The Inbox Jaunt, I would like to wish you a warm welcome–which would be a lot easier if we lived…I digress…Welcome! Bienvenidos! Willkommen! Bienvenue! We are glad you are here!

I’ve had several questions about marking pens lately…I think you will enjoy reading our Open Line Friday Discussion, Does the Perfect Marking Pen Exist?  HERE.. (Just remember that Frixion pens require steam to remove!)   Several other questions were related to machine set-up.  I have the perfect post–Seven Step to Free Motion Quilting  available HERE.   Great review for all of us…

Threads, Sewing Room

Today, we would like to hear more about YOUR blog…Please tell us.  Do you host a blog about quilting or another topic?  If you host a quilting blog, be specific.  Do you specialize in Civil War Quilts? Applique?  Improv piecing?  Modern quilts?  …and leave a link.  If you would like to start a blog, we want to hear from you, too!

A little Link-Love today!



Stencil Giveaway!

Stencil GiveawayAs you know, I use stencils frequently in my quilts.  I used a child’s stencil for the Snow Crystal Quilt HERE and I used a stencil to stitch my Shamrock quilt last March.  See the Shamrocks HERE.  (The Shamrock Quilt is actually the Geranium Stencil #SCL-513.16.5)

Whenever I use a stencil, I “lori-ize” it by adding a lot of extra quilting.  See The Red Flower Quilt HERE

Quilt StencilToday, The Stencil Company is offering readers of The Inbox Jaunt five chances (Yes–five chances) to win my two favorite stencils–The Grid Stencils:   SCL-461.00 and SCL -457-10

I use these stencils frequently to mark straight lines and grids.

Quilt Stencil

In order to win one of the five sets…(and to keep you moving on your Quilt Notebooks–read more HERE)…tell me where you are from and  how many UFOs (quilts only)  you have counted so far…

Quilt Stencil The Giveaway will close on Sunday evening and winners will be announced on Wednesday.  Winners will be chosen at random (no extra credit for high numbers of UFOs! )  NOTE–Due to the high cost of shipping–this is a US-only Giveaway–However, I would LOVE to hear from YOU about your UFOs even if you are not eligible to win…

Quilt Stencil

Good luck and Happy Stitching!