The Sewing Circle on Open Line Friday


FMQ HouseOne of the best things about quilting is The Sewing Circle.   The chance for quilters to get together, stitch and chat.  Today, I bring you the blog version of The Sewing Circle.  A few things I’d like to share

My family in the News:

Nora's WeddingMy daughter, Nora and her husband, Travis were pleasantly surprised when someone forwarded this article to her:  HERE   The photo used to demonstrate St. Paul’s romanticism is one of their wedding photos taken in 2012!  A mystery as to how they picked their photo…

A Fun Project to Try:

I think you all might like the Anthropoligie-inspired pillow tutorial by Dena from Hearts and Sharts found  HERE.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Sunday is the Superbowl

As you may know, I love football and I will be cheering for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos this weekend, but I am also looking forward to the great Super Bowl Ads.  This year’s Budweiser’s Super Bowl Ad found HERE is in contention to be one of the winners!

Peyton ManningArtistic Inspiration

This artist’s designs remind me a little of free motion quilting– Check out the work of Tony Plant  HERE  I think you will be surprised by his technique!

The Weather

And we can’t go a day without talking about THE WEATHER!  Yesterday we had a little reprieve from the cold weather.  The mercury made it all the way up the thermometer to 20F.  Instead of cold, we were socked with six more inches of snow.  When we woke up today, the temperature was back down to -18F!  The sun is shining now-and the snow is beautiful…I may just go for a walk with my camera…well, maybe…

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 11.55.36 AM

If you were in The Sewing Circle today, what stories would you share?  Any links?

Happy Stitching,



60 thoughts on “The Sewing Circle on Open Line Friday

  1. Lovely wedding photo! We had a big snowstorm overnight here in Colorado. Lovely day today. Can’t decide whether to wear my AFC champs shirt or my number 18 shirt on Sunday. Go Broncos!

  2. Rosemary B here:
    Your daughter is beautiful and this photo of her wedding is wonderful.
    I will have the football game on, but I have a hard time following it… no, really.
    It is an attention thing for me haha
    I have one quilt club I go to, at a Fabric store in Virginia. those ladies inspire me.
    I know if I have a question or need advice, they will help me.
    I am sorry you have such cold weather. The sunshine is good though.
    I just went for a quickie walk here in my neighborhood, we live in a park.
    It is 43º here and sunny.
    I will look at these links you shared. Thanks for sharing.
    I hope you can get dressed up and out for a little while but I know it is a lot to bundle on. We went through a stretch of “very cold days” and sub zero nights here in Northern Virginia near the Blue Ridge Mountains

  3. That is so fun they used your daughter’s picture!! I like the girls wraps and the sparklers made a fun pic.
    I’m with you…GO Peyton!!! and I can’t help it..this makes two years in a row…Budweiser commercials get me all teary!! I love them!! Remember the one with the baby Clyde trying to pull the coach…:)
    I would probably share the grandbaby news that’s due in May!, what my daughters are up to, starting plants for the garden? What seeds. Any flowers? New material finds. Pictures of course! and I’d share and do share your blog with everyone! 🙂 A sewing circle would be so fun. I sure enjoy your online one. 🙂

  4. I just discovered your site yesterday when I was in need of inspiration for some free motion quilting designs. I’m so glad I did! You have such fun and fresh ideas and your tutorials are crisp and easy to follow. Needless to say, you have been bookmarked and shared with my quilting friends. I don’t know Stillwater but have heard there is a super wood fired hand thrown pizza place there. Very cold here, too, in the north woods of WI. Yesterday was a break in cold temps and we had the best snowshoe in the Nicolet Forest in a quiet and peaceful snowfall.

  5. Well I will be cheering for Seahawks the broncos after all took out my patriots !!!! I will probably be focused on the 4 mil 30sec adds and doing a Super Bowl mystery starting at 9 am

  6. Lori, I do enjoy reading your blog! You have us beat with cold temperatures. Here in Westminster, Maryland, we’ve been shivering with temps in the single digits and teens and think we have it bad. Of course, higher temps mean melting snow and mud and with two furry dogs that translates into more cleaning and mopping, sigh. I would share about how excited I am that my new quilting table is being delivered on Monday. I’ve never had a quilting space – just set up wherever I could. Can’t wait to get organized and get working on some UFOs. Oh, and I’ll be cheering for Payton, too, because I think he has class.

  7. I’ve been sewing all week, but I am taking the night off, as my great nephew is spending the night w/ us. This will be a first for me. He is 4 1/2. I think I am as excited as I know he is. He was supposed to stay w/ his Meme, but he changed the plans & picked me. I haven’t decided what we will get into. Wish me luck. It has been a long time since I have had a little one around. My boys are 26 & 23.

  8. I broke down & ordered some grid templates Thanks to your wonderful blog & tutorials, Lori. Can’t wait to try them. I have been practicing, doodling on large graph paper.

  9. As we say in Louisiana, Payton is a “homeboy.” I’d adore him regardless, and I will be pulling for the Broncos. I hope for all our sakes that the Groundhog sees no shadows tomorrow. None of us needs another 6 weeks of this winter! I do love your blog, enjoying every post.

    I’m curious about Dee’s Mystery (earlier comment). I’d love to hear more.

    Well, everyone, stay warm and safe this weekend. And may the Broncos rock the Big Apple on Sunday!

  10. Beautiful picture of your daughter’s wedding! Sorry, but I’m rooting for my Seahawks to soar over the Broncos on Sunday!!!

  11. I would share that I had a 20% off coupon and bought material for the backs for 2 quilts I am excited to start… I know…. another project! lol. But, I am looking forward to these because one is for my son and the other is for me. Finally some quilts for us.

    The weather finally got warmer here in Ohio and today it was nice to have no minus before the number. Tonight there will be rain and freezing rain though.

    I love the picture of your daughter’s wedding. Beautiful and they look like they are having fun. So nice to see.

    Then I would be looking on to see what others were working on and chime in on their news.

    • If you are buying backs, it sounds like you are finishing quilts–which I can cheer for! I hate the cold, but freezing rain is the very worst! Stay HOME and quilt!

  12. We’re not a sports family, but we’re celebrating groundhog day on sunday by eating sausage. Get it? Ground hog? 😀

    I get to see the grandbabies this way too.

    I also am back into some quilting and did some Rock Candy quilt toppers. I really need to blog about it.

    • You are silly, Andrea! So glad you explained that one–went right by me! You have darling grand babies (as seen on Instagram!) Enjoy! –but even if you don’t like football, the commercials are worth watching!

  13. I/we won’t be watching, as we will be heading up to the Twin Cities to visit a friend who is seriously ill (at the moment she’s in a rehab unit in Columbia Heights). I think the weather should give us a break that day. Great photo choice for sure!!!!! Hugs……

  14. I have been sitting in my chair for 3 days! Not sure what I have, but
    I am not sharing! lol its not cold here in Phx, but I have been freezing for days. My DH and DS will be attending the PHx Open on Sunday am and make it home in time for kick off. My job is food! Super Bowl is a hard day for me. It means the end of football season and I have to wait till the end of March for baseball. I hope to get to go to some Spring Training games too. 1st year I have not had to stay home to pick kiddos up from school. Most of the spring training games start at 1pm. I hope to have enough energy to sew tomorrow and

    • Beth, I’m so sorry…but I KNOW how you feel…I had something wicked in January, too! Get well soon–at least well enough to stitch, even if you do have to stay home from work?! I feel the same, when football is over, there’s nothing but TV for weeks…Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  15. What a LOVELY picture of your daughter’s wedding! It is very romantic! I’m working on my UFO stash during the Superbowl. I’ve picked out one to quilt and one to finish sewing, depending on how I’m feeling that day! Sorry, but I’m hoping for a Seahawks victory this year! But I’ll be watching the commercials more than the game LOL

  16. Go Seahawks!! Will be watching the game with my hubby and my knitting. Unfortunately in Canada we don’t get to see the Superbowl commercials 🙁 so I have to find them on YouTube. One year, we are going to go down to Washington so we can watch the game on US TV!
    What a great pic of your daughter and hubby and wedding! I love pictures like that that are impromptu.
    I am in the middle of helping plan my son’s wedding to a marvelous woman this July, unfortunately they are 1800km East of me. But it’s coming together. I have a crazy quilt that I am going to do for her, as she is a huge lover of vintage stuff. I am also going to make my dress, again, its vintage. My shoes just arrived this afternoon, so I will be wearing them around the house the next few days to make sure they aren’t going to pinch.
    Oh and I got some lovely aurifil thread from a lovely lady that hosts this blog. The colors are absolutely perfect for me too. Thanks for drawing my name Lori.

  17. Hi Lori, What a beautiful photo! It really does show off the love in the group.

    Now who’s talking about the weather. I think the weather just doesn’t know what to do anymore, because we humans are destroying our planet faster than a speeding bullet one word (Industrialisation). In Adelaide we are experiencing another heatwave this time round 9 days of temperatures greater than 36 degrees celcius which is 68F too 45C to 113F. I would absolutely love it if it snowed in Adelaide right now!!!!!! The only sad thing which I would care about is my beautiful garden it would die!!!!

  18. Hi Lori, just found your blog a few days ago via a free motion link on Pinterest. Love your free motion tutorials (I really want to master fmq) and I am really enjoying your blog (first one I have followed). I am way up in the north woods of northern Minnesota (Virginia) so I definitely relate to the cold weather issues. I am an Australian living in exile in the frozen tundra! Well sort of, my husband is from Minnesota and you know … Thanks for sharing!

  19. Hi lori I love your little house I did my first little house last year and copied my cousins house it was great fun not sure it was the best but sent it to them for a thank you gift I love making unexpected presents for people. Keep warm, I’m in the uk so won’t be following any sport at all but have fun x

  20. I’m excited for Julia and her new sewing table. I had a new table delivered in December and I love love love all the white surface to work on, especially for fmq. My sewing room was recently redecorated and reorganized and it’s such fun to just be in there! Seems to make me sew much more, too. There’s even room for kitty to sleep on the table while I work. The puppy and Clydesdale commercial has already melted my heart. Not a huge fan but Super Bowl is fun for commercials and good snacking.

  21. I just discovered your site last when I was researching some fresh ideas for free motion quilting designs for a friend. I’m so glad I found you! I love your ideas and your tutorials are great.I also discovered your Monday blogs on the Quilt Notebook and have started mine. I’m not done cataloging my UFOs yet, but I hope to catch up soon. I shared those blogs with my quilting friends because most of us are in dire need of a “how to NOT keep creating more UFOs.” Thank you so much for sharing with us. I’m excited to begin this journey… Oh! and I was reading about some sort of drawing or giveaway you were doing and saw someone from my state won–Utah. Turns out she’s a new member of a local guild I belong to. Small world… 🙂

  22. Spent the last two days in the studio tidying up and catching up (will that ever really happen?) so having a break this afternoon reading my backlog of blogs — thanks for the link to Tony’s beach art — have seen it before and always enjoy it — specially nice to see him in action. We are enjoying 4″ of fresh snow in NE Ohio today — perfect day for snow shoeing!!

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