Stencil Winners!

Long winter shadows on free motion quilted stencil

Thank you to all of you who entered our latest giveaway sponsored by The Inbox Jaunt and The Stencil Company.  In order to qualify, you had to tell us how many UFOs you currently own.  I’ve tallied the number and including my own –(I have 26 UFOs)–followers of The Inbox Jaunt have 172,459 UFOs!

(Just kidding, I lost track after 1000.)  It is safe to say…we have accumulated a lot of unfinished projects…But, not to worry.  We are spending Mondays at The Inbox Jaunt getting our quilting lives in order.  By the time our Twelve Step Program  Quilt Notebooks are complete, we’ll have our quilt priorities in order and we will have all the skills necessary to complete each of the projects.  Furthermore, we will make informed decisions before we buy, accept as a gift, or start cutting any more projects that we have to add to our list.  Then…if we live long enough…we will complete all the UFOs we currently own!   How’s that for ambitious!   It’s still January…all goals seem possible in January…

And now for the winners!

  1. Kearstie Grenier, Lake County, IL
  2. Pam Dunlap
  3. Helen, Olympia Washington
  4. Bea, Utah
  5. Bonnie, Lake of the Ozarks

Congratulations to the winners!  Please contact me at and we can arrange delivery!

For those of you who did not win a stencil–more giveaways to come from King Arthur Flour, Sulky, and yours truly!

May all your stitches be “sick”,


NOTE:   The green quilt above is one of my favorite quilts.  I use it at Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day and any time I need some color around the house.  I used a stencil for the basic outline and then I heavily embellished it with fillers, feathers and border. You can read more about the quilt above HERE.

PS…All photos, tutorials and images are property of Lori Kennedy at The Inbox Jaunt and are intended for personal use.    Please pin and re-blog–with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  For any other use,or if you would like to be a sponsor of The Inbox Jaunt  or  would like me to review your product or pattern, please contact me at!


26 thoughts on “Stencil Winners!

  1. Congratulations to all the winners! You are so right about January, it does seem possible to get it all done at this point. But then you know what they say: “If you want to see God laugh, make plans!”

  2. I love these little quilts! I used several of your tutorials to fill in a little Christmas wall hanging this year and it was so much fun I felt like I was playing the whole time. The hardest part was picking which one to try next! You explained each so well I was fearless! LOL! OH and my head doesn’t do stippling either…I can’t even doddle them right and have filled pages. 🙂
    Thanks for the chance for the stencils…that was fun! King Aurther FLour? uh what? lol my head is thinking funny things…LOL!
    As always, look forward to see what you post every morning.
    Oh and found our way to the quilt shop in Tampa!! picked out a few cute pieces! Hung up on splashes of orange all of a sudden! Found some too!

  3. Congrats to the winners (all of us for finding this blog). Lori is such an inspiration and through her tutorials and the use of stencils (which I’ll buy), I know I can FMQ. Thank you.

  4. Rosemary B here:
    I am sure the winners will appreciate and enjoy the stencils!
    This green quilt above is a beauty!
    Last night I finally made some little sandwiches and practiced FMQ. Yes, I am waaaay behind all of you. My 90 year old mom and dad take priority at this point. It has been 10 months since mom’s stroke, so I am slowly trying to mesh my sewing back into my busy days
    Thank you for everything you share

      • Thank you for those encouraging words. I adore my parents. We used to have our own busy lives, and boy what a change this past year. I am over at their apartment one mile away, almost every day for a few hours. I do bring my big bag almost every time (like today when we sat for an hour watching a comedian in Holland, all in Dutch, which i understand but this guy’s dialect was tricky) I also have my magazines, and my graph paper book and plain paper. I have been doodling! 🙂 This past week I made two bibs for my nieces adorable little boy. Both of them I did free motion quilting and well, one looks pretty good. I took photos before I mailed them. I can mail the photos to you. You will laugh but it looks okay.

  5. You are such an inspiration! I read your blog and it always makes me want to go straight to the machine and work. Thank you so much for all your tips and ideas. Haven’t completed my notebook listing the UFOs yet and I’m sure I already have more starts than finishes there, but it is causing me to think about what I need to do to resolve some of them.

  6. Well, drat! I didn’t win. I’m going to purchase both of these stencils. Is there a way for you to get ‘credit’ when I order?

  7. I am new to your blogs and have been enjoying them. I appreciate your quiliting tutorials with such clear pictures. I never liked this part of the quilting process. I love the designing, picking the colors and assembly. Your instructions have spurred me to tackle what I think is the hardest part of quilting. I have been working on UFO’s very slowly. Right now worked to finish all 7 blocks of a table runner and then began a wallhanging to send my son. Look forward to more reads.

    • Hi Marlene,
      Just start small FMQ on the table runners and wall hangings then move on to the quilts. I started very very slowly. I now laugh at my early work, but I still love those quilts (most of them anyway) You WILL get better and now it is my favorite part of quilting. I can get lost in FMQing for hours at a time!

  8. Perfect timing, dah-link! (Say it in your best Marlene Dietrich voice)

    I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago (I didn’t want to count my UFOs and here you go ‘challenging’ me to do that! Fine! …….. I’m back … 31!)

    For years I’ve been saying, “In order to get my “UFOs” and “Wanna to do” lists completed, I had to live to … oh, my latest calculation is 225. I’m telling all my “padewans” about you and this FAAAAB-u-lous notebook idea. One is taking it up. She has no UFOs … yet. She is under the delusion that she can start, complete and finish a quilt before she goes on to the next one. What’s up with that?

    Now that this reply qualIfies for it’s own ISBN number … THANKS, Lori, for such an inspiring blog in every aspect.

  9. Congratulations to all of the winners. I just completed 5 UFOs in one day. My secret was to send them to someone who would use her longarm to quilt them for charity. I haven’t felt that relieved since I lost 20 pounds. Unfortunately, I gained 10 of it back, but the UFOs are already quilted and given away so that can’t come back.

  10. thank you for the mailbox treat… i will certainly look forward to it — love all the ideas posted here — lots of practice ahead for me!

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