Feels Like Spring!


Free Motion Quilting, Square Flower

It’s a heat wave!  Well…at least it is warmer…and “plenty of sun”…makes us feel like going outside again.   I know some of you are still facing terrible weather…we are thinking of you!

Plenty of Sun!I stitched this little vase quilt so you could see The Square Flower from yesterday’s tutorial in action.

Free Motion Quilting, Square Flower

I wanted a slightly more casual effect for this quilt, so rather than using rayon on the top, I used Aurifil 28 wt cotton  on top and Aurifil 50 wt in the bobbin.   I prefer a the slightly heavier weight Aurifil whenever I use cotton for free motion quilting.  It provides a fuller look.   I stitched with a size 90 Schmetz Topstitch needle on my Bernina 820–no space for a long arm here!

Free Motion Quilting, Square Flower

For more inspiration, please check our Flickr site HERE.  I really want to thank those of you have shared your quilts and photos!    I love to see the tutorials in action!  (You can also quickly access Flickr from my sidebar–click on the blue box that says Flickr.)

Free Motion Quilting, Square FlowerHope you are enjoying a bit of finer weather!


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23 thoughts on “Feels Like Spring!

  1. Simply gorgeous. BTW, I’m doing the leaders/enders project w/ my scraps. Can’t wait until I have enough or have them done in a quilt size.

  2. Your things are always beautiful! My problem is deciding what motifs to put with one another. Does this come easier the more you free motion?

    • Hi Carol, Choosing the right “pairings” can be challenging. One technique that works is to repeat some element. For example, in this little quilt, I repeated the spiral that was in the center of the flower and used it in the border. It does get easier over time, but I still have quilts that I would change if I could do them over! Never retreat-just keep moving to the next quilt!

  3. More Flower Power Love!! LOL! Trying this one…even have the green Kona! I have my hubby talked into driving me down to a couple quilt shops in Tampa I finally located so I don’t have to white knuckle it myself..traffic is nuts! I’ll need some quilting thread so hoping they have a selection. Any last minute tips for no impulse buying!! LOL! And heaven forbid I start a what was I thinking pile!!
    Glad your weather has improved a smidge!! The sun shining always helps doesn’t it!

      • I am blessed with the opposite scenario- my husband is a quilter too- he is a great designer. When we went to Alaska, he took me to every quilt shop along our route. While I search for fabrics on my list, he peruses with a creative, open mind. He brings me several bolts- “have you seen these?… we could make xxx with this”. If I’m on a budget, it’s not safe to take him to a quilt shop.:)

  4. Love it! Your quilting designs are always so much fun and so doable!!! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!!

  5. In my book, 4 degrees is still very cold, and -5 wind chill sounds dangerous. Stay inside and enjoy your lovely home. This quilt is so beautiful! Thank you for showing these photos to us, and thank you for the tutorial for the square flower that turned out perfectly in your vase quilt.

    • Temperature is relative. 4 seems like a heat wave now (the sunshine helps), but in the fall it would seem extreme. That being said, 4 degrees IS COLD! Won’t be outside very long…

  6. Well. the ice arrived this morning and it has gotten colder all day with drizzle too.. icicles on deck never melted. Unusual for south GA, I spent a couple hours going thru my sacks and bins of batting for an inventory of sorts..Our discussion of UFO’s has really touched me. The pretty freemotion designs are so inspiring. I want to go forth into the future with no guilt about my UFO’s. Confession: For years, I had thought I was only one with all these unfinished projects. To read about all the others people have, has set me free to “start over.” I realized there was a pattern I had with every new “art” I tried. I love quilting too much to let UFO’s become a way of life. I am getting a new notebook to help organize my looseleaf binders. Anybody want to buy 120 dried gourds I bought and never crafted? Eight years of that was enough! LOL BTW,
    I found 6 strips of batting that will be perfect for runners, placemats. Now on to select
    some Spring fabric from my stash.

    • LOL regarding your dried gourds! Can’t but admire your enthusiasm! Hope your weather is improving. We read all about children sleeping at their schools and people sleeping in their grocery stores! It must be terrible–though I have to wonder how that storm was relative to a normal day here in Minnesota? We heard their was a lot of ice–which is absolutely treacherous! I’d rather have -42F than an ice storm–that’s when all the accidents occur. Hope you are safely tucked in your sewing room!

      • Yep safely tucked and excited to be here…still 26′ at this early hour. Problem is infrastructure not prepared for that much ice in so short a time. Businesses walked to the highways with food and hot drinks for stranded folks..:) I am pulling out some solid color fabrics to work on FMQ today,,practice some square flowers.! I hope you tell your kids that all of us think you are wonderful and considerate and imaginative and, and ,,,,,,!

  7. I love all of the designs you -us. I really like the small projects. So much more do-able. I do have a question: Do you ever finish off all of the small vase quilts you show us? Or do you leave them raw edged? How do you keep them from raveling? I guess that was more than one question!
    Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas and how tos.

    • Hi Diane,
      That is a good question. I bind the little quilts only when I am ready to use them. I leave many of them unfinished in case I chose to frame them at some point–then I leave them unbound or I do an “art-binding” that doesn’t show. Also, I hate binding…I like the hand sewing part, but I don’t like the rest of binding. I never use a quilt on my table unless it is bound.

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