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Threads, Sewing RoomToday is Friday…It’s been a cold week but it’s supposed to warm up today…One day of warmth (30F)  and we are back to sub-zero weather.  They are already talking about closing schools next week.  Minnesota is always cold, but this is unprecedented!  What we need is a little quilting to keep us warm!

A lot of new quilters  have joined us in the last few weeks and on behalf of all the friends and followers of The Inbox Jaunt, I would like to wish you a warm welcome–which would be a lot easier if we lived…I digress…Welcome! Bienvenidos! Willkommen! Bienvenue! We are glad you are here!

I’ve had several questions about marking pens lately…I think you will enjoy reading our Open Line Friday Discussion, Does the Perfect Marking Pen Exist?  HERE.. (Just remember that Frixion pens require steam to remove!)   Several other questions were related to machine set-up.  I have the perfect post–Seven Step to Free Motion Quilting  available HERE.   Great review for all of us…

Threads, Sewing Room

Today, we would like to hear more about YOUR blog…Please tell us.  Do you host a blog about quilting or another topic?  If you host a quilting blog, be specific.  Do you specialize in Civil War Quilts? Applique?  Improv piecing?  Modern quilts?  …and leave a link.  If you would like to start a blog, we want to hear from you, too!

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86 thoughts on “Open Line Friday–Tell Us About YOUR Blog

  1. I’ve been blogging about my quilts and family since 2010. I used to keep a private journal where I recorded a lot of my quilting progress. But an online quilting community got me into blogging and from there I started reading other quilting blogs. Lori, I found your blog when I switched over to a WordPress blog last summer. Love reading it and great to check out other bloggers from the comments. I blog at the following:

  2. I have just recently discovered your blog and am enjoying the variety of quilting patterns and tips. I have a blog called Soscrappy and my quilts are — scrappy. I host a rainbow scrap challenge and I encourage people to use their scraps one color at time. Each month a new color is announced and everyone links up on each Saturday to share their progress. I’v just finished a Midget block quilt and have a rainbow dear jane in the works — both scrappy — of course.

    • Angela, Your blog is lovely! and your Dear Jane quilt–divine! I started a Dear Jane quilt with a group of friends, but gave it up because it just wasn’t fun for me. Now I wish I’d continued. Love your idea for setting it into a color way! Can’t wait to see it!

  3. I have been writing a blog for a few years, an ongoing record of what I am doing in my life. The biggest focus is quilting and knitting. Lots of other things creep in–family, friends, cooking, reading, travel, retreats, etc. I do longarm quilting, so include that side of the story, too. I also design some quilt patterns, so I share some thoughts about that, too. And I work at a quilt shop and write that blog as well. ( I’m an irregular poster, meaning sometimes there can be a gap between posts and other times they are more frequent. Getting good pictures and writing good content takes some time to put together, and that’s where the gaps come in! I enjoy your photos a lot, Lori, and hope my own pictures improve. I am using my iPhone now so I can make some posts on it, but have plenty of room for improvement! I would like to hear more about your photo techniques. Thank you for your great teaching and for taking the time to share!

    • Pam, I had no idea YOU are Emmaline Designs! Some of my favorite quilts at Bear Patch are yours! Love the pillowcases in pink and green, the Civil War? miniatures! Where can readers buy your patterns? How do you manage to work at Bear Patch, quilt, design, knit, and write two blogs?? As for photography…I struggle with photographing quilts. They are very challenging because they are so large and the thread and fabric reflect light differently. Do you only use an Iphone? Try the Pic-Tap-Go app, it’s the iphone version of Rad Lab that I love for post processing regular photos. Are you interested in Guest Blogging?

  4. I began to blog as a way of keeping records of my quilts, primarily, and anything else I might happen to make (usually knitting). Last year I hardly blogged at all,and I expect to post more in 2014. (Although with the bar set so low…) You’ll find me at

  5. Reading blogs has become my morning news. I start my day by checking out the blogs that show up in my inbox each day. I love seeing what others are making and sharing. I’m inspired by so many talented quilt makers and bloggers. I started a blog to share my own quilts and stories too! I was bit by the quilting bug in the 1990’s, but now its just a part of who I am. The quilts I make tend to be bright and colorful. I’ve been trying out embellishments and playing with threads in my work too. I want to Go The Distance and Be Inspired!

  6. OK I was the first to post a comment on this entry, and now i’m the last!
    To say that I have indeed started a blog, intended to bridge tha Sapnish and the English speaking worlds, with so much to tell and learn from the USA.
    comments and opinions, welcome, and thanks Lori for the opportunity to germinate and idea which had been within myself for a while.

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