Stencil Giveaway!

Stencil GiveawayAs you know, I use stencils frequently in my quilts.  I used a child’s stencil for the Snow Crystal Quilt HERE and I used a stencil to stitch my Shamrock quilt last March.  See the Shamrocks HERE.  (The Shamrock Quilt is actually the Geranium Stencil #SCL-513.16.5)

Whenever I use a stencil, I “lori-ize” it by adding a lot of extra quilting.  See The Red Flower Quilt HERE

Quilt StencilToday, The Stencil Company is offering readers of The Inbox Jaunt five chances (Yes–five chances) to win my two favorite stencils–The Grid Stencils:   SCL-461.00 and SCL -457-10

I use these stencils frequently to mark straight lines and grids.

Quilt Stencil

In order to win one of the five sets…(and to keep you moving on your Quilt Notebooks–read more HERE)…tell me where you are from and  how many UFOs (quilts only)  you have counted so far…

Quilt Stencil The Giveaway will close on Sunday evening and winners will be announced on Wednesday.  Winners will be chosen at random (no extra credit for high numbers of UFOs! )  NOTE–Due to the high cost of shipping–this is a US-only Giveaway–However, I would LOVE to hear from YOU about your UFOs even if you are not eligible to win…

Quilt Stencil

Good luck and Happy Stitching!


375 thoughts on “Stencil Giveaway!

  1. I just moved to Sacramento, CA last year. I have 7 UFOs left, but soon will be 6 as I’m putting the binding on a quilt tonight that I started 12 years ago. Thanks for the giveaway. Santa replaced my 32 year old sewing machine so now I can learn free motion, so I would really use the stencils.

  2. I’m from Mtn Home, AR, and have 11 tops that need sandwiching and quilting. Thanks for the chance to win.

  3. I live six months in oil boom country Arnegard, ND and six months in sunny Mesa, AZ. I have 3 UFO’s in Mesa and at least a dozen back in ND. I have been quilting for 20 yrs so have had lots of time to accumulate them!

  4. Hi Lori,

    I’m Jo Anna from Wyoming. I have 11ufo’s. Love your quilting and tutorials. I used the rope quilting on a narrow border. It was sufficient. It just gets better from here!

  5. I’m from Sonoma County, California. I have only been quilting for about a year and half, and am currently finishing my first bed sized quilt, just fmq’ing the borders now. I have no quilt-sized ufos at all, but, I have half a dozen pieced little table toppers that aren’t quilted or bound. I sort of like to have these on hand, then when I see a cute motif here or elsewhere, I can try it out right away. I’ve been lusting after your 1 inch stencils since you wrote them up awhile ago. I’ve also been inspired by the quilting notebook posts, I’ve started my own electronic version in Evernote.

  6. Hello ~ I have just recently found The Inbox Jaunt. I am impressed with your ideas, talent, and willingness to share with tutorials and great photos. I live in Idaho and have five UFO quilts and making a first anniversary quilt for my son and new daughter-in-law. I plan to visit your site often and hope I will be able to machine quilt my quilts, if I review your helps and use your ideas. I appreciate the ideas for a Quilt notebook, and am inspired to begin one this week. Thanks for the opportunity to win the stencils.

  7. I am from Camino, CA. I have 2 quilts needing quilting and one project just clearing the planning stages, waiting for the other 2 quilts!

  8. Hi Lori. I have 1 UFO that I completed all blocks but never finished in the mid 70’s. I just retired and am setting up my studio to start quilting again hoping to finish this quilt. I am astounded by the leaps and bounds the industry has taken. If I don;t win I would love to purchase a set. I currently live in NJ but will be mobving to NW Montana in 2 years.

  9. I’m from Washington state and I have 14 UFO’s. That doesn’t count quilts that have been cut out but have not started stitching. If I have to count those, add another seven.

  10. hi. I’m Alice from Niagara Falls. I have at least 3 projects sitting, waiting to be quilted. And a new grandbaby on the way, so that will have to be done soon!! Love your blog.

  11. Hello, I’m Jo from Norwich in the United Kingdom. I have 3 UFOs. One lap quilt waiting to be sandwiched but the special UFO is a Hexie that my Mother started in the1970s and I found in an old chocolate box after she passed away. I remember a lot of the fabrics she used for the Hexies. I am slowly finishing this quilt by hand in memory of her. It’s kinda fun to try and finish an inherited UFO!

  12. I’m in the Tennesseee deep freeze, 4 degrees at 7 am….. I have at least 20 UFO’s and 30 or more WIP, I need my head checked out! Love your blog, beautiful work and I’ m learning a lot.
    Many thanks, I’ m sure I am too late for the give away, that’ s OK, it is wonderful
    that you share your talents with so many.

  13. I live in sunny San Jose, California. I currently have seven unfinished quilts. Some are tops and some are waiting for me to quilt them.

  14. I live in Lacey, Washington where it is grey and rainy – though not cold like most of the country, thank goodness! I have 15 UFOs, though I am hoping to get some of them finished this year. I love your blog!!! Very inspiring, thank you.

  15. I’m a neighbor – sort of – from Scandia, MN! Glad to have found your blog! I really enjoy learning your new techniques! I have 7 UFOs – that I’ve found! I think there may be more lurking in my sewing room, which needs cleaning and organizing, too!

  16. I’m from Lake County, Illinois, and right now it is cold and snowy. Your blog is quite inspirational; I’m working on my FMQ skills and your designs are so lovely. I like how you break them down in your tutorials. Thank you!

    So far, I’ve found 15 UFOs in my stuff – and I’m scheduled to take another workshop in February, so it may soon be 16. I do love workshops for learning new techniques, but I don’t always finish what I start in them. I enjoy the process more than the product, I’m afraid.

  17. I have a handwritten spreadsheet and have over a dozen UFOs, all of different sizes and techniques. I do finish work, I just like to explore a lot of ideas at once. Would love one of those stencils to help my FMQ!

  18. Oy, I have so many UFO. Last count I had 15 quilt tops to be sandwiched and quilted and then on top of that I have at least 10 quilts on the go that I’m piecing. It’s an addiction I tell ya, and addiction!!!

  19. I am from south west North Dakota which is right in the oil boom right now.The last time I counted I had over 30 UFO’s. I have been trying to make inroads into them but I don’t seem to be to successful. Now I am more into not creating any more UFO’s

  20. Actual UFO Quilts that are started (not the ones on my list) is 12 (shhhhh!). That doesn’t sound half bad until to figure I only started quilting about 3 years ago. I’m from Iowa, USA. I admire your ability to FMQ. I know they say it just takes practice but I get so discouraged because my skill level just doesn’t improve as I think it should – it’s so frustrating!

  21. I’ve got a dozen projects, half are tops that need quilting, a quarter need more borders, and the rest are blocks from group efforts. … oh, and one is a Storm at Sea for which I cut one set of triangles too small… so there it sits.

    I’m in Wisconsin.

  22. I have at least 6 projects going at once. I had Xmas Eve and all my sewing had to be put away. I have a grand nieces’s quilt to finish and a throw for my sister – quilting and binding first on the list. I keep looking at more patterns, but have put a moratorium on fabric buying for right now. I don’t need a thing coming into this house before some things have to GO!!! lol Here’s to a PRODUCTIVE 2014!!!

  23. Greetings from fridgid western NY, Grand Island to be exact, near Buffalo. Like Minnesota a cold place in the winter. I’ve been quilting for almost 15 years, and have 12 UFOs and counting, I’m still unearthing new ones. I am working on my quilt journal, having recently discovered your blog. Love it!

  24. Hello from Humboldt, IA–I have kids and grandkids in Coon Rapids and St. Francis, MN.They keep me posted on how bitterly cold it’s been up there. I have oodles of UFOs but not all quilts. I knit, crochet, design and sew handbags, yada, yada..Love your blog and don’t miss a day. Your designs are so fun and really inspire the creativity in each of your readers, bless your heart! I’ve used some of your designs on walker saddlebags for some fun embellishments. Thank you for sharing your talent.

    • Toni, I just wanted you to know that we live in the country south of Badger, IA. We don’t know people out here. We are listed in the phone book under Vincent, IA by the name James and Vicki Robles. It would be fun to get to know if you, that is, if you have the time. Piece and blessings, Vicki

  25. Hi Lori! I am from Elk Grove California and have 7 UFOs now. I had less when I retired 2 years ago. I thought I would get more done with more free time but I guess I love to piece too much! That straight line stencil looks very handy…..Thanks so much for your tutorials and this give-away………d

  26. Hey Lori, I came across your site a few months ago and made it a favorite on my laptop. I have learned more through you than anywhere else. Oh boy, do I have UFOs. They get on my nerves. They’re always lurking around my fabric stashes. I can’t part with them though. I can see where I’m improving by looking at them. I’m guessing here…………..15. They get on my nerves. Do you want them? I can just take pictures of them. You deserve something………..right?:>)

    • Hi Pam, So glad you’re here…15 is not bad…Wait a few weeks before you give them away. We’re going to talk about our UFOs, what to purge, how to re-purpose, and what we can learn from them. Then if you still want to give them away, we’ll help you find them a happy home.

  27. Hi Lori, I have six quilt UFO’s. Unless I have a deadline because I am making the quilt for a gift, I tend to let the quilt tops sit because I am not sure how I want to quilt them. Some of them even have the backing with them, just waiting to have batting added. I live in Santa Barbara County in California.

  28. I am from Durham, Alaska. Nope, not Alaska… it just feels cold enough to be Alaska. Durham, North Carolina — born, raised, and still here. Quilting UFO’s… about 7, I think. Of course, there are also other sewing, crocheting, and knitting UFOs. I love your use of the stencils. Maybe it’s time for me to invest in some.

  29. Lori,
    I have been following your blog for a couple of weeks now, and I really love it. So much inspiration, and my resolution for the year is to work on my free motion quilting with your help. Right now I only have 2 UFOs. I have been working on finishing up things for the past year or so, and it feels pretty good to get them done. I am also working on using up fabric that I’ve had for a while so I can buy some new stuff! Thanks for your great blog,

  30. Hi, Lori! I hate to say this, but I have too many UFOS to count. I live between Forest Lake and Scandia. It has been really fun to read your blog and recognize the locations of photos that you post, but even more so, your blog has been so beneficial with your tutorials! Thanks much!

  31. Greetings from sunny south Florida!! I’ve been quilting almost 20 years so I probably have about 16 or so UFO’s now- some I may never finish!! But that is the fun of quilting – you can do whatever you want!! This is an awesome give-away cause I love to use stencils on my BabyLock Tiara!! Quilting is the most fun part!! Thanks for this inspiring blog – you are a wealth of information!!

  32. UFO’s weee lllll . . . quilts only . . . mmm . . . what size determines a “quilt” — okay, enough “shuffling” . . .20 and not all counted . . . would be fun to revisit this next year to see how many more we all start . . . and not finish . . . Stay warm — I’m wearing out the bottom of the shovel!!!

  33. PS — I just found the “Round Holiday Wholecloth” (from the Stencil Company as one of my UFO’s!!! I know I bought the kit in Colorado — it’s gorgeous! Sew I’m up to 21 now . .. and counting ADD on quilting!

  34. I’ve just recently found your blog and I love it. So many gorgeous FMQ designs! I definitely need to get practicing more. I’m from Seattle WA and I currently have 7-8 UFO quilts but I’m off to a sew in to baste at least 2 of them today. Yay!

  35. Hello from western Massachusetts. I’m a newbie to your blog also. Youe FMQ designs are gorgeous. I have 15 UFOs in various stages plus a couple more in the concept stage. Thank you for sharing all that you do.

  36. Hi Lori – would love the stencils, just like everybody else. I’m from Oregon Wis, just outside Madison. You and I touched base with a couple of emails a little while back. I have 6 quilts waiting for quilting, that is, finished tops, I want to improve my quilting skills (with help from your blog) to finish these. I have 4 unfinished tops. Plus many more “planned” tops (have the fabrics but haven’t made that 1st slice).

  37. Hello from snowy central New Jersey where we are getting more snow! It looks beautiful!
    I have one less UFO than I did yesterday because I finished one last night! I found your site looking for free motion quilting ideas for another quilt I hope to finish this weekend. 5 more to go!

  38. I have lived in Oregon for ten years before that I lived in So. Calif. I do all my own FMQ on a vintage Singer machine, I have about 10 UFO’s waiting the hardest part of FMQ for me is deciding what to quilt I will get the quilt all setup on the machine and then just look at it for a week trying to decide where to start.

  39. I have around twenty quilts in stages ranging from planning on paper and selecting fabric to being ready to be quilted. Some I will have quilted by someone else, but I’m going to free motion quilt a few of them myself.

  40. Love love love your site. …. thanks to your tutorials I just got rid of 12 UFO,s , only 3 to go.. … found I need these stencils……don’t let the fact that I am an Aussie count me out happy to have them shipped to a USA address!

  41. I am in East Canton, Ohio. My current WIP (UFO) count is 44. But… it’s a very organized 44. I keep a spreadsheet and everything. I rotate my projects. Many of them are BOM’s. It’s funny how at the end of the year and at the beginning of January I end up with a lot of finishes. But all those finishes are replaced for a whole lot of starts. BOM’s and QA’s really keep me on track. I LOVE stencils. Thank you for the chance to win. Also thank you for all you teach us. Being new to longarming, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your beautiful designs. You can see my WIP list here:

    • Brrrrr. I am in Canton, Ohio. It’s been in the single digits and below zero lately. I live close to the famous Football Hall of Fame. I have three UFO’s. One will finish next month. I can’t handle juggling all those projects.

    • Kathy, I would say 44 is a lot of UFOs, but if they are organized I think you are way ahead of the game. Glad you like the designs. Can’t wait to see your work!

  42. Let’s see … Eleven works in progress, four tops ready to be quilting and three long term projects (over a year to do!) SO that would be a total of Eighteen projects just sitting waiting for me to get going and get them done! I also have five project ready to go – but I’m holding off!!! I’m from Taunton Massachusetts – it’s warmed up to 17 degrees today! Thank you for the opportunity to win stencils! Would love to win them especially since I have 4 tops just waiting to be marked and quilted!!

  43. Lori,
    Love your blog. I’m from Sweet Springs, Missouri and have one quilt in progress and a couple of sets of blocks that someone else pieced and was lucky enough to obtain. Oh and I also have a set of embroidered blocks that I have been working on periodically for many years. My quilt is my first full size quilt. Your designs in free motion quilting are very inspiring! Keep it up and thanks for sharing!

  44. Hi Lori,
    I look forward to your tutorials! I get together with some wonderful ladies in the Long Beach, Ca area that have mentored and nurtured me and had helped me with my projects. I have ventured on to free motion quilting and quilting my own quilts. I love to share your tips with my “quilting mothers”. I have about 12 QIP and many more patterns and ideas waiting in boxes!

  45. I live in Fairport, New York, outside of Rochester. I have counted 11 UFOs so far. I keep getting distracted by new ideas or projects with deadlines.

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