Flower Fantasia

Applique, Hand Quilting, FlowersHere’s a bright-colored little a gem I found while I was cleaning the other day.  A long forgotten project inspired by the work of Susan Shie.  See more images here.

Hand applique, Hand Quilting, FlowersThis is raw edge applique heavily embroidered with embroidery floss.

Hand applique, Hand Quilting, FlowersI have many hours stitched into this quilt, but I think I dropped it because it was just too much…

Hand applique, Hand Quilting, FlowersWith winter blanketing us with white, gray and more white, somehow this quilt seems just the perfect antidote–not too much at all!

Hand applique, Hand Quilting, Flowers

Hand applique, Hand Quilting, Flowers

That’s pretty typical for me.  I start a project, lose interest for a while and pick it back up much later.  What about YOU?  Do you work on a project from beginning to end or do you let it “incubate” for a while?

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  1. Yes, I do this with a large project that involves lots of handwork such as embroidery. I may work on it until I get tired of it….put it away….but close to my easy chair. Then there are some nights that this project is exactly what I want to do for a while watching tv with hubby. Sooner or later, I do finish these types of projects. Got two now like this…..a small yo-yo quilt and stamped embroidered quilt.

  2. I generally will have at least 3 projects on the go. Currently I have one on my quilting machine, one that has just a little quilting on my regular sewing machine to finish, 1 puff quilt started, and a tote to complete. I get tired of working on just one so always have several to choose from.

  3. I love the word “incubate” vs “Ufo”. I believe I’ve just learned something new. I hope you will finish this coloured inspired work now that you have rediscovered it. I will be waiting for a future finish.

  4. I have many of my own projects going and then have to pause on those. I sew samples for a quilt shop and I always have to finish those to the end, so I feel like a get things done. (at least for them.)

  5. I am definitely an “incubator”. I am currently working on a table topper (applique), small quilt (pieced), pincushions, a shawl (knit), a shrug (crochet) ~ and a few other things!! Your Flower Fantasia is beautiful.

  6. Oh Lori! Many times I have had a quilt top sit for a couple of years until I found/figured out the “perfect’ border. Isn’t that part of the ‘quilter’s syndrome’??

  7. I have many quilts incubating!! I mostly get them done at some point down the road. I found the tops I don’t like anymore I am going to practice machine quilt and give them to charity. We have several nursing home in town who love receiving them. That way they get a gift and I make room for more. Hope you finish your project- it’s pretty!

  8. First off, your flower quilt is beautiful. You should definitely find time to finish it. I definitely let things incubate. I have dubbed 2014 the year of the UFO. My UFOs range from fabric chosen and a pattern stashed in a box, to those just needing quilting and binding, and DOZENS in between! I have challenged myself to to start no new projects this year until I can empty my stash of UFOs.

  9. Incubation is definitely the way to let a project, or multiple projects “ripen”. Different projects catch my interest at different times. I always go back to finish them and it is always more refreshing.

  10. I prefer to start and finish Not Incubate(like the choice of word though!) But of course I cannot always do that, so I am going on retreat to finish a few that have been Incubating for a while now and hopeful put them in the Done pile!

  11. I have quilter ADHD — and sometimes I think its because of what I see in the media — ohh I gotta try that ohh I gotta try that . . . lots of quilts waiting to be quilted but how do I quilt them? AAAccckk! What if I “ruin” it Heaven forbid . . . gotta toss away that fear of finishing!

  12. Some things just fit the “when the spirit moves you” category by their nature (or maybe that’s by my nature).

  13. Can’t tell you how much I love and are inspired by your wonderful blog. When I printed out your guidelines for keeping a quilt notebook the first several pages contained all of the comments. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to just print the content of your postings without wasting ink and paper?. I like reading the many comments, but don’t need to print them out.
    Thanks for any help you can give.

    • Sounds like your printer is set to print the last pages first. Under File, click on Print Preview and look to see how many pages you want to print. Then click on Print but under ‘Page Range’ select ‘Page’ where you can specisify the pages you want to print. Enter 1-2, 1-5, or whatever pages you want to print. You might want to print only pages 3-4. I use this option all the time to save paper, otherwise it will print the entire article. Hope this makes sense & helps.

  14. I have many “incubators” in my sewing room. In fact I have 14 unfinished quilts incubating on my quilt rack and about a dozen old (1979-2010) projects incubating in bins and bags.

  15. I usually have a few projects going at once at different stages. There is always a hand project to take to quilt group:-) And I have several that are “incubating” for just the right moment to start them again. They were possibly put aside because I was frustrated with something not working. I’ll get them finished eventually. Lots of other things to get done in the meantime

  16. I usually have 2-3 active project. Hopefully not more than 5. Occasionally one will sit for a long time, but usually they rotate through as I work on each as the fancy strikes me. A finish is permission for a new start.

  17. Lori hi,

    Hope your not to cold! Just to give you food for thought today in my town Adelaide South Australia my forecast temperature is going to reach 115 degrees Fahrenhiet! We have been experiencing a six day heat wave Tuesday it rached 45. something but today is going to be the worst. I would preer the cold any day than this heat!.

    For me I have some project still on the go for days when I don’t have something to do. Like my first hand sewing project my Hexagon Star Quilt. Everything is done by hand including the wonky papers one day once I’ve finished my current projects I will get around to completing it. I also do have two projects that I’m procastinating over as I just can’t seem to finish them as I can’t get motivate to do so. Plus I already have a major project that I want to start but can’t due to the last reason. I do mind one project on hold but more than that stops me from progressing at all. Julie

  18. I have come to the conclusion that some of my projects are not meant to be finished, and that allows me to either view them as a learning sample or ‘let them go’. My interests and abilities change and I would rather spend my limited time working on a quilt that brings me joy than struggling with something I no longer like. There’s nothing worse, for me, than to feel guilty when I look at what’s in the back of the cupboard.

  19. What you’ve done is wonderful! It’s perfect for winter work!

    If you get overwhelmed by too much detailed embroidery, you could make a wall hanging.

    Alternatively, you could commit to doing a certain amount during the winter months each year until you have it completed.

  20. I incubate. When I first started quilting, I began a quilt much too difficult for me at the time. Now I’ve resurrected it and with skills learned in the interim, I can finish it with more beauty and with more confidence. Nothing wrong with incubation.

  21. I definitely incubate. I often find that when I’m working on one project, my mind is already working on the next 2 or 3 projects. And after I finish piecing a quilt top I keep it out so I can just ‘be’ with it. The quilting ideas come in their own time. Some projects take longer to bloom than others, but that’s okay too!

    And thanks for sharing your experiences. I don’t post often, but I come here a lot and I always enjoy your posts.

  22. This Flower Fantasia is just beautiful.
    This is great that you dug this up and will finish it.
    Personally, I think for me, if varies what the project is. And — we all have our adhd moments with projects. Women are good at doing several things at the same time.

    In your post below, about the notebook. What a great idea!
    I adorrrrre that little sewing machine you have in one of the photos. where did you get that. I WANT ONE NOW!! That little machine is the manual version of the Singer 316G that I sew on (my mother’s machine) – mine is the electric version of course, but it is a tank. I nice solid piece and i will keep it forever.
    That being said, –again, I want that little machine “knick Knack” –where did you find it!!!
    Happy Winter.
    Here it is very sunny and 40º in Northern Virginia near the Blue Ridge Mountains

  23. I’m always “incubating” quilts and it really is helpful sometimes. I need time to think about each and every one as I go along. Usually it comes to me at the weirdest of times, but then I get it and move one and am most always so happy I let it sit for awhile.

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  25. Your handwork is beautiful- especially the little seed stitches. I love to embroider and hand quilt, but those are my “sit still and relax” projects so it takes many years to complete them.

  26. I have just discovered your blog and you are a breath of fresh air for me. I quilt with another person who never even thinks about her next project till she is finished the one she is working on and I always feel pressured when she asks me about this quilt or that ( I always have several on the go). She would never understand the idea of needing to let something incubate but I definitely need that from time to time. I often go through a stage when I “fight” with my quilt – but as I say, I always win. 😉 I keep thinking I should make a quilt exactly as instructed but I always make changes… Therefore the need to incubate. Thanks for giving me permission and a huge thanks for the quilt notebook instructions. I was just realizing last week that I needed to jot down info as I went so the timing was perfect to find your ideas on that. I will slowly work through it. I just signed up to receive your blogs as you post them and I am looking forward to receiving those notices!

    • Gertrude. You are among friends! It is impossible for me to work a quilt start to finish. I really wish I could–it seems so much more organized. But alas we cant fight our nature–the result would be ugly quilts!?

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