Every Day Art

Alligator DrawingI’m feeling a bit “under the weather” today and completely uncreative.  This alligator was sent to me by my sister’s grandson.  It brightens my kitchen…

Don’t you think this would be a great quilt pattern?

Maybe Jack could send a few more drawings my way? (Hint, hint)

Hope you are all well and feeling creative.


…and I did get my flu shot this year…

16 thoughts on “Every Day Art

  1. Sorry you are feeling unwell. I think the alligator will make a good quilting design. Maybe with palm trees, an ocean and sunshine.

  2. The alligator would make a wonderful design, maybe the ‘gator could be trying to catch a football, or sunning on the bank of a lake or pond.

    Feel better fast!.

  3. There are definitely more on the way 🙂 He does a mean and colorful Frankenstein too. It could be block friendly?

  4. Oh! Hope you feel better fast! I’m in your neck of the woods! ! ..well sort of. MSP airport! Heading to FL for a bit. Love the gator!

  5. A little R&R is not all bad (as long as it’s not serious!!!!) just allows you to recharge a tad. The ‘gator would be a darling quilt idea!!!! Healthy wishes comin’ your way…………………………

  6. cute alligator and yes a pattern would be great of this guy! Hope you are feeling better soon and back to your creativeness!

  7. Lori,

    I like the way each commenter on your blog has a unique block design by their name. It makes your blog special!

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