Snow Crystal Quilt

Snow Crystals Mini Quilt, Free Motion Quilting

Welcome to all the new followers who joined us over the last few days from The Quilting Board.  (Thanks, too to those who shared our tutorials there!  I always appreciate the “shout-out”)

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s free motion quilt tutorial, The Snowflake.  Here in Minnesota, January is practically synonymous with being preoccupied with temperature (currently -19F) and snowfall.  So bear with me, if I bring you another Snowflake Quilt

Snow Crystals Mini Quilt, Free Motion Quilting

This little quilt is 20 inches square and was stitched on my Bernina 820 domestic sewing machine.  I used Aurifil in the bobbin and Sulky on top.

I used an child’s stencil to create the snowflakes.

Snow Crystals Mini Quilt, Free Motion Quilting

Snow Crystals Mini Quilt, Free Motion Quilting

When I was finished quilting, I thought a few beads and sequins would add a little sparkle–like snow crystals.  I spread them randomly around the quilt and hand stitched them in place.

Snow Crystals Mini Quilt, Free Motion Quilting

I’m going to try to add a little ribbon border as my binding, but am still working that out…

Snow Crystals Mini Quilt, Free Motion Quilting

While many Minnesotans embrace winter by skiing, snow shoeing, etc…I embrace winter by quilting!

What do you do to get through winter?


31 thoughts on “Snow Crystal Quilt

  1. This is beautiful! I may just need to piece a Christmas table runner to use this on! Thank you so much for sharing your talents!

  2. I look forward each week to see what stunning new quilting pattern you come up with an how you Tate it one stage further by creating a stunning mini quilt. Is so inspiring. Thanks.

  3. I like to make everyone pretty, handmade Valentine’s cards so I start early in mid-January to take my mind off the chill. And of course, a good book. Just finished “wild” by Cheryl Strayed. An excellent read about a woman losing her mother to cancer and finding redemption on the Pacific Crest Trail one step at a time.

  4. Beautiful quilt! I LOVE the cold weather, no matter how cold it is. I have a big car with AWD so I can go anywhere, and since I’m always hot anyway, the cold feels good. I also LOVE the cloudy, snowy days when it feels okay to just stay in and quilt and read. I always feel guilty if I stay in so having a reason with the bad weather is a great excuse.

  5. I almost let out a squeal at your new snowflake mini quilt…..LOVE!!!! It’s stunning. I can’t wait to try one.
    Wyoming winters get pretty harsh also but I am content with hibernating downstairs digging in my material stash dreaming up new projects, or messing with some knitting and crocheting. I try to get my photos oraganized again some and do a little digging out (like my desk)…
    I make it a point to bundle up and step outside each day and take a breath of fresh air and sometimes it gets cut off by the crazy Wyoming wind and I tear back inside. LOL!! 🙂 Oh and I make a snow angel every year! It’s getting pretty comical getting back up haha!….Gasp!! A snow angel might be a cute quilting design!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Your little quilt is sew pretty…love the ‘bling’ you added!!! My hubby and I moved to a warmer area of the country to get away from the Winter…that’s how I get through it LOL!!!

  7. It’s beautiful! That’s a neat snowflake design. I like the look of the swirling snow around them. I’m not an outdoor person, even in the summer, so winter means I’m hermetically sealed up in my house. I didn’t go outside for 4 days this last week. I love reading, especially quilting magazines and books, but also cozy mysteries. Plus, there’s always Pinterest and the Quilting Board and Etsy to eat up hours.

    • Love it! I will use this idea when I finish my snow quilt. I am making hexies in different blues and stitching them together in a snowflake shape, then applique them to a white snowflake background wide strip in a series of other strips of blue and white winter like fabrics. This quilting motif will be great to use here. Thanks, Yvonne

  8. this snowflake is beautiful,during winter I like quilting, knitting,cooking or reading my last quilting magazine

  9. Hi Lori,
    Today as you know I was going to attempt your tutorial on your snow flake. I invited my neighbour Maxine as well and we both attempted for the first official time really doing free motion quilting. I have joined your flickr group and are awaitng confirmation. There are four pictures fron and back of both our work using a Pffaf 4.0 Quilters Expression 50 wt thread 80/12 needle no breaks and relatively good success!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus we really did have a good time and laughed lots. Thanks heaps for sharing you will be hearing from us again……… ugh……………

  10. Beautifully clever ideas – as always. You are an inspiration to so many of us who do not share your creativity. I also appreciate the extra information about machine and threads used since long arms haven’t dropped out of the sky for most of us. I guess Santa didn’t get my letter (I should not have been on the “naughty” list).

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  12. My fav thing to do also is to quilt. Its to cold outside for anything else (even though I live in central NC. I’ve only been quilting a year and I am seriously addicted!! I LOVE looking at other peoples things they have quilted and there are some gorgeous quilts out there. I just ran across your blog today and I LOVE your quilting tutorials. I am especially in love with the crystal snow flake quilt. I love it!! Cant wait to see more and look at all your great FMQ!!

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