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Good Morning from the Tundra!

Like much of the country, Minnesota is in a deep freeze!   It is so cold, the Governor cancelled class for all schools today.  It is currently -42F!  I can’t think of anything better on a cold day than to pour myself a cup of tea, wrap myself in a quilt and stitch!

Today I would like to encourage everyone to start a Quilt Notebook.  The Quilt Notebook is for planning, documenting and evaluating each quilt and project. (I have used several notebooks over the years –and I really wish I had just ONE notebook that contained ALL of my quilts. )

The purpose of the Quilt Notebook is to serve as a catch-all for all the ideas, sizes, calculations,  materials, and reference information for each project.  After the project is complete, the Notebook will provide a history of your quilting project and your progress as a quilter.  In the next few weeks, we will be discussing just what to include in YOUR notebook.   For now, just find a notebook you love!

Quilt Notebook

Things to consider when choosing your notebook:

Graph paper notebooks make sketching easier.

Loose leaf binders allow you to re-order your projects.

Quilt Notebook

We are going to start by analyzing our last 3-5 quilts.  I have a series of questions for you to answer.  For now, just collect your last 3-5 quilt projects and find a notebook.

Quilt Notebook

Until next time, Stay WARM! and send Warm Wishes this way!


38 thoughts on “Start Today -A Quilt Notebook!

  1. I have used a quilt journal for the last two years. I also try and include pictures of finished projects. It is a very handy tool.

  2. Lori,

    I am a new quilter and have already started a notebook with my quilt notes but I am looking forward to your ideas for keeping track and following my progress. This past year I made two quilts. One is complete and the other needs just a little more quilting and the binding. I made two table runners from my own design and have started my third quilt. My goal this year is to get the control necessary to have my free motion quilting look like I know what I am doing. Thanks for your encouragement and tutorials.

  3. I have used a quilting journals from the very first quilt, and I am so happy to have them. I also include photos of the quilt at various stages of the process, and of course, photos of the finished quilt. The photos are particularly nice for quilts that you gift. I am so impressed by your temperature there, Lori! Those temps will be moving to New England tonight and will freeze all the rain we have had today. We’ll be ice skating everywhere tomorrow! Stay warm!

  4. I, too, am a fairly new quilter. The notebook is a great idea as I currently have notes and pictures on scraps of paper as I think of them and then “filed” in my quilting pocket folder. As soon as it warms up around here (MN quilter too) I’m heading to the store.

  5. Thanks for the idea. I am really bad at recording things and then make the same mistake next time. But that is a goal I am trying to work on in the new year. So your idea is a great way to start. Thanks again.

  6. I began a notebook early on in my quilting journey, utilizing a 3-ring binder. I keep track of my fabrics used, their cost, my time spent on the project. It’s more detailed than perhaps some might do, but not as detailed as I’d sometimes like it to be. Each quilt is assigned a number when I ‘kit’ the project. I know how many quilts I’ve started, how few I’ve finished, keep samples of the fabric and photo-progress. A dozen years later, I’m glad I have this record and would encourage others to keep a journal too.

  7. I have been quilting for a couple of years and enjoy it immensely. I “stumbled” upon your blog while trying to find websites to help me understand free motion quilting. I love your blog! The notebook vs. slips of random papers is great. Thank you. And now I’m off to find a notebook.

  8. Wonderful idea, I am so bad not to keep all my ideas in one place, so this is the answer if I just keep it going. I use a spiral notebook for FM quilting, but I was not aware that they make a graph spiral, is so that would be ideal. Thanks for this idea.

  9. What a great idea
    I’ve been ‘playing’ with doodling quilt ideas on scrap paper for a while and with a challenge or two looming it would be worthwhile consolidating everything together in 1 place

  10. I don’t think I am that dedicated to keep a notebook, but i do photograph each quilt at multiple stages along the way. I post them on my facebook page in an album dedicated to my quilting. I can share them with family and friends as well have a record of them for posterity.

  11. Lori this is so strange only yesterday did I decide I would keep a record of my quilts I give away, I always take photos, my designs aren’t as beautiful as yours they are very rough but I know what I mean! Many many years ago I used to keep a note of how many blocks I did a day so funny when I come across it now! I love your ideas xx

  12. I have never thought to do a quilt journal. I have kept a journal life journal for years until my hubby starting doing a blog. So I have a new journal and will look back at my pictures and see what I have done in the last few years. Will be ready to get started with you, and thanks for the idea.

  13. Love this idea. I can’t wait to get started with you. I need someone to keep me on task with this. I have given so many quilts away over the years. I wish I had taken pictures of them before sending them to new homes. Now is the time to start! Thank you for the encouragement!

  14. I’ve never kept a quilt journal and think I’ll give it a try. Maybe it will help me actually make some of the quilts I’ve thought about, since the ideas seem to flit away somewhere. Can’t even imagine -42 degree weather! I was thinking today when I was out that it was nippy, and our temp is 55 degrees here, near Sacramento, California.

  15. I have a large 3 ring notebook for quilting. I keep a log of my quilts I there, quilts I like, patterns to try, notes from making quilts, but I could use a better way of analyzing them. I like to be able to move things around which is why it is 3 ring. I also have a 3 ring notebook for my vintage sewing machines, and one for art shows, gallery logs. I am looking forward to what you are going to share.

  16. This is a grand idea. I thought I would always remember the quilting projects and who received them and why. I never took a pix or wrote anything down. I am regretting the last 20 years of lack of documentation. I’ll get myself ready for this part of my crafty life! thanks for the motivation.

  17. I use to keep a journal of all my crafts. Then quilting took over….lol. Now I have only photos of anything I make. Once I get over this cold, I will go searching for the right journal for me. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us this year.

  18. Interesting, I have patterns in files and only wish i had kept a better record. So 2014 is a new beginning! I found a website where you can get free pdf’s for grid paper. Here is the site I found The cornell note-taking graph leaves open space which looks good.

  19. I am like you, I must have three or four books plus two or three with technique information. I wish it was all in one too!

  20. thanks for the reminder I have a note book I use for sketching machine quilting Ideas and haven’t looked at it for a long time. Also have a notebook with quilt recipes for cutting sizes and which tools I used. very helpful when I can find it.
    stay warm

  21. This is good advice! I am so scattered. I’ve tried many times to stay organized with different notebooks, but I don’t quite succeed. This is a good thing for me to consider as a new year resolution. Thanks!!

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  24. Hi Lori. Like your temperature better it’s going to be 43 Celsius today soooooo hot can you send some cool our way in Australia am melting and it’s only 9am cheers

    • Oh my! I don’t like extreme heat either! It is quite a bit warmer today–23F and feels like a heat wave. People are wearing shorts! Pour a lemonade and stay cool, Caroline!

  25. But still love to quilt on these days note book is fabulous I use them all the time but good to keep in one place for reference

  26. I have been quilting for awhile. My mom asked me how many quilts I have made and I couldn’t tell her! How sad. Gonna keep a log now!!

  27. One idea about a kind of notebook: Circa. This is a type of notebook based on little disks that you press pages against. It allows you to assemble a collection of various types and sizes of pages and to rearrange those easily. You can probably find it at a local business supply store or online. I know carries it.They sell graph paper and all kinds of other pages, but if you get the punch you can use any paper you have.

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  29. Hi – I just found your blog and am enjoying reading it. While I know you no longer need Warm Wishes, your comment reminded me of a pattern I have used many times – named Warm Wishes! It is quick and easy and versatile, and the photo doesn’t begin to do it justice. So here it is for the next time you need it, 🙂

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