Christmas Delivery

Christmas Stamps, USPS

My Mother recently gave me her stamp collection.  She had both a formal collection of US stamps and an informal collection of postage that she removed from letters and cards she received.  I love them both.  It is like having a miniature art gallery.  Each stamp is beautifully composed and many are quite colorful.  I thought I’d share a few of the Christmas stamps…

Christmas Stamps, USPS

Christmas Stamps, USPS

Christmas Stamps, USPS

Christmas Stamps, USPS

Christmas Stamps, USPS

Christmas Stamps, USPSSo the next time you receive a letter, consider saving the stamp in a little box or jar—your daughter may really appreciate it later!

Six days until Christmas–Better send your letters and packages today!


10 thoughts on “Christmas Delivery

  1. I, too, have been saving stamps from envelopes for over 25 years. For no other reason than my father used to do it, and I’m not even sure what to do with them. Love the simple way you have photographed them to share. Thanks!

    • They are so pretty, it seems a shame to toss them with the envelope! I bet if you searched “crafts with postage stamps” we’d find a lot to do with them. For now, I just enjoy looking at them.

  2. How fun!! I love these!! I have a few tucked here and there that I just couldn’t part with. I wish I’d of kept more now! Thanks for sharing these! I’m starting a jar this year…that is a good idea.

  3. I have my grandfather’s collection, which I’ve added to over the years, but I haven’t spent any real time on it other than just setting aside any new stamps and those taken off envelopes, in probably a decade. Seems there just isn’t time for all the “hobbies”.

  4. I inherited my father’s stamp collection. I had started collecting “unique” stamps that came on mail. I have been collecting them for a very long time. I like to look at them too. In fact, there is a lot of history in stamps.

  5. I too have my father’s stamp collection and loose collected stamps. I agree with your description of it being a “miniature art collection”. They are both beautiful and interesting.

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  7. What a wonderful gift to have! In these days, stamps are getting rarer and rarer as we find other ways to send things, especially electronically. So many of those little stamps are so cute with their little Santas or snowmen. I tried to get Christmas stamps this year, and they were so ugly I hated to put them onto envelopes. Thanks for sharing!

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