16 thoughts on “Laugh out Loud Saturday

  1. Uh Oh! I don’t get the Rudolph joke. I really must be getting slow in my old age. I felt a little better when I showed it to my husband and he didn’t get it either.

  2. I only looked at the first comic and was puzzled… then I scrolled and read the 2nd comic and laughed at it and then at myself. clever…. has a human edge to it!!!

  3. Oh that was so funny. I also didn’t get it at first. Even with the clue it took me singing the entire song in my head till I got to the end.

  4. Usually these take me a while, but I got the first one right off.
    The second one, I couldn’t figure out what was in the bagggg
    Thanks for sharing

    I just found your blog and new subscriber.
    I like you blog. 🙂
    I need inspiration to get back in to sewing and piano
    This has been a busy year for me but it’s all good just different.
    No drama, just two weddings and moving my folks one mile from me
    Just changes, anyway glad I found your blog

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