Christmas Ornaments Project and Tutorial

Today is Friday the 13th…and YOU’RE in luck–good luck, that is…I have a fun  ornament project tutorial for you.

First, download the patterns HERE.  The download includes two ornaments and The Partridge.  We will work on the FMQ for The Partridge next week, but we can make the pattern along with the ornaments today.

Quilting Project, Ornaments, Tutorial

Once you have the patterns, cut them out from the paper and glue them onto a piece of cardboard.  I use old manila files or cereal boxes.

Quilting Project, Ornaments, Tutorial


Quilting Project, Ornaments, TutorialNext, cut the patterns out of the cardboard.  This creates a great pattern for tracing-especially if you are going to use a motif several times.

Quilting Project, Ornaments, Tutorial

Trace your patterns onto a quilt sandwich.

To decorate the ornaments, use any of the tutorials found HERE.

Quilting Project, Ornaments, Tutorial


Quilting Project, Ornaments, Tutorial

TIP:  The ornaments look more real if you curve the FMQ patterns around the ornament slightly.  Compare the samples below:

Quilting Project, Ornaments, Tutorial

Straight Line FMQ

Quilting Project, Ornaments, Tutorial

Contoured FMQ

Have fun with these!  Fill the shapes in with anything–even scribble looks great!

Quilting Project, Ornaments, Tutorial

I’m off to bake cookies–biscotti and gingerbread men…

Wouldn’t gingerbread men be cute in FMQ?…maybe I won’t bake…


PS…If you are looking for more color inspiration, I know you will enjoy my daughter’s blog, Color Route Co. HERE  Photo JOY!

PS…The tutorials, PDFs, and images on The Inbox Jaunt are copyrighted by Lori Kennedy.  Feel free to share with attribution to The Inbox Jaunt.  No commercial use permitted.

Quilting Project, Ornaments, Tutorial

23 thoughts on “Christmas Ornaments Project and Tutorial

  1. This is totally fun Lori! Going to play with this this afternoon…doodling while I cook lunch so I’ll be ready. :)!! You truely are a very gifted designer and FMQuilter. I heard once that God gave us gifts to help and share with other people making their lives better. Thanks for sharing your gifts with us. They bring me so much joy.

  2. OH MY — how I love to see your blog. I have such trouble thinking about what to quilt. I am so afraid everything will be too difficult. Some how, you seem to make me feel even I should give your designs a try. THANKS !

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  4. The ornaments are just so beautiful Lori. I wonder what your inspiration will be once Christmas is over. I cant wait to see. Merry Christmas.

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