7 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. I couldn’t hit ‘like’ because it always makes me sad to see a house or barn that is literally falling down because it has been deserted. I look at the many barns in disrepair here in New England and wonder about the many stories they could tell us. I know we’d be fascinated with the tales associated with this now broken building.

    • I share your sentiments! I’ve also wondered if there were ever drawings for these buildings and they too could tell stories!

  2. This speaks volumes to the sturdy construction of the house…and how important the foundation is to any build. It could be applied to quilting as well.

  3. A line from Joyce Kilmer:

    I suppose I’ve passed it a hundred times,
    but I always stop for a minute
    And look at the house, the tragic house,
    the house with nobody in it.

  4. I, too, wonder about the stories, the history … why did they leave? Did the farm fail? Was there an illness?
    Thanks for keeping the memory alive!

  5. I also am sad when I see old farmhouses or barns falling asunder. I grew up in many old houses (we moved a lot) and these old homes had such character and mystery. I suspect they’re abandoned in favor of new, modern, larger as the neglect and wear and tear of decades eats away at them. Someday they’ll all be gone….but then, so we will be also.

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