Free Motion Quilt Practice-Bind ’em and Use ’em!

Free Motion Quilt


I will file this under…”Because You Asked”. In the post, How to Choose a Needle for Free Motion Quilting  HERE, I offered a small glimpse of this quilt underneath a few needles.  Several people asked to see more of this quilt…

This quilt was made nearly ten years ago…I’ve learned  a lot about quilting and binding since then!  It does illustrate a few things…Bind your practice pieces and use them.  I use this little quilt all the time under bowls of fruit or with a vase on top.  It’s only 14 inches square–and it’s far from perfect, but that’s partly why it gets so much use…I don’t care if I spill on it!

Also, date  your practice pieces. It will be a yardstick for how far you’ve come.   This one doesn’t have a date on it, but I wish it did.

A little tip for today…Bind and date your practice pieces!

Hope you’re having a restful day…at least you don’t have to cook!




16 thoughts on “Free Motion Quilt Practice-Bind ’em and Use ’em!

  1. My grandmother always told me to sign and date my work – multiple times when I was growing up.

    I wished I’d listened to her more! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. The little quilt may not be perfect, but I think it’s beautiful
    Thank you for the tip to bind and date the practice pieces!!

  3. when sewing on jeans don’t forget to consider using the Jean-a-ma-jig! Around $4.00 and a wonderful accessory for going over the heavy seams!

  4. WOW! That is beautiful! I haven’t tried much FMQ. I run into issues, it frustrates me, then I quit. But I just stumbled across your site and really admire your work. I may just give it another go!

    • FMQ can be fraught with “issues” but once you find a few things that work for you, it is SO much FUN! Please ask questions…there is a lot of information available here already…

  5. Great idea! It will be fun to watch my progression. I’m making FMQ my to do practice everyday for 2014 and now they will be dated and bound. Thanks for a great idea!

  6. Just discovered you and have been jumping around your tutorials. As a pre-beginning FMQ would appreciate how you set up your machine and how quickly you manoeuvre around. I’m enthralled with the process and am going to make up some quilt sandwiches and get practicing. Do you sign and date using FMQ?

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