11 thoughts on “Saturday Smiles

  1. I spent the afternoon yesterday with my twelve-year old granddaughter shopping. I laughed the entire time between listening to her sign lyrics to Taylor Swift and 1 Direction while driving to watching her try on clothes and boots and shop for new music. Grandkids always bring a smile and a laugh because they look at life so open minded and freely.

  2. read a saved letter my then six year old wrote to her older sister admonishing her of the consequences if the older one didn’t stop teasing her. I laughed so hard I had tear coming down my face. They are in their thirties now–will have to share this with them.

  3. I had a rough week but was grateful Thursday for this one……….
    While on break at work, I tried to call my daughter at the time she should have been getting out of school. She didn’t pick up. She texted me a few minutes later saying “I’m in a meeting. What did you need?” She’s only fourteen! Cracked me up! Turns out she stayed after for a club meeting.

  4. I laugh every day as I have a very funny husband. The other thing that keeps me laughing is jokes on my email. I feel I am very lucky because we have been blessed with humor no matter what the situation. We know that someday it may go but we enjoy each day that we laugh.

  5. I have babysat my little niece Audrey since she was six months old. She is five now and when I picked her up from kindergarden last week I told her she was going to get a new little cousin because my daughter is going to have a baby and I was finally going to be a Grandma! She looked all surprised and then dramatically frames her face with wide open hands and gives her head a little attitude shake and says “Helloooo!!” It was so funny! We had to have a gentle discussion that I wasn’t her “Gramma” and why she called me “Aunt Nessie”. She sat staring at me with her mouth open the whole time. Had no idea she thought I was her Gramma. 🙂 I insured her she would always be my very special Audrey. 🙂
    So then this week I told her the baby is due in May and wouldn’t it be fun if the baby was born on her birthday! She stearnly says NO! I asked if she didn’t want to share her birthday and she says well it’s not that but the baby won’t have any fun because it can’t eat cake when it first come out…LOL! Kids crack me up!

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