Coffee And…a Must-See Free Motion Quilt Video

Coffee Mug and Quilt strips

If you have a little time for a cup of coffee,  check out this fabulous video by Master Quilter, Sharon Schamber.  It is offered until December 15th by The Quilt Show.



17 thoughts on “Coffee And…a Must-See Free Motion Quilt Video

  1. Hello Lori, I stumbled across your site and have become a follower, as I am beginning to practice the free motion quilting, so thanks for the information you post here. My daughter is getting married in December at the historic courthouse in Stillwater.

  2. How does she finish these? Does she sew close to the edge and then trim away? Does she put something like frag check on the edges? I’ve watched many of her videos. What a talented woman! Thank you for sending this video to us!

  3. Love the video she does beautiful work! One of these days I hope to be that good! Love your site! I hope to practice you fmq designs when I get my machine back, it is in to see the dr. Having it cleaned and tension work, he has had it for 6weeks we are waiting for new parts. The tension worked some times and then some times it would stick. I have not sew a thing for 6 weeks, can’t wait to get my baby back. I have a question when I am fmq I’m having a lot of trouble around curves! What can I do it fix my problem. Thanks

  4. Sharon is an awesome I recently attended a workshop from her on her Pieclique technique of piecing. Really wonderful and approachable way to piece complex and curved designs.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  5. blanca , muchas gracias por compartirlo con nosotras,estoy esperando ansiosa mi llegada de maquina coser nueva.Para comenzar a realizar realizar lo aprendido con uds. puedo hacerles una consulta. podrian pasarme nombres de tiendas donde Uds, comprarn las telas,Yo vivo en argentina y no se consiguen mucha variedad, he leido que uds compran en tiendas los saldos de retazos engamados, listos, y cuando viaje mi hermana o cuñada quiero encargarles me lo compren y envien en encomienda, me pueden ayudar con esto. espero ansiosa su respuesta.

    • I would like to help you, but am having a little trouble understanding the translation from Google. Do you want the name of the fabrics, or thread, or do you want to know where to buy fabric? Is your sister coming to the US? Where in the US? Please try to rephrase…

  6. Thank you for posting that link! Sharon is a real inspiration and so awesome to share her many helpful techniques. I’m a pretty new follower to you blog and look forward to each new post. Your approach to FMQ patterns sure helps newbies like me to see the possibilities and also breaks it down into doable bites :). I sure appreciate the effort you and others put into sharing your knowledge.

  7. Lori, thank you for the inspiration. Much like you she breaks the quilting into manageable sections. I really appreciate your consistent focus to make us all better quilters.

  8. Thanks for the link to this amazing video — I recently read a quote from a research psychologist, Anders Ericsson, that it takes approximately 10,000 hours of Deliberate Practice to gain true expertise — obviously Sharon is farther down that road than I am!

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