Free Motion Quilting–Barefoot is Best!


Free Motion Quilting-PartridgeHave you ever heard of “Shoeless” Joe Jackson?  He was a famous American baseball player who doffed his cleats once because they gave him blisters–earning him his famous moniker.

What about the Barefoot Running craze?  Though scientific research has yet to reach a consensus on the benefits of barefoot running–many runners have embraced this practice.

Free Motion Quilting_Partridge Motif

Quilters, it’s time to start our own fad–Barefoot Quilting!  Sewing barefoot gives you more precise control as you free motion quilt.   So the next time YOU step up to the plate, kick off  those shoes and add a little more “free” to your free-motion quilting!Free Motion Quilting_Partridge Motif

PS–One reader warns that if you are using an older model sewing machine with a metal foot pedal–this may not be advisable!


37 thoughts on “Free Motion Quilting–Barefoot is Best!

  1. I ALWAYS run my sewing machine bare-footed…no sox either. I am in love with this bluebird!! Will you teach us how to make it?

  2. Wondering why not to sew barefoot on the older machines. Is it because of a possible short in the motor and the foot pedal is metal?

  3. I, too, go barefoot for FMQ, although I wear a sock in colder weather. I find that I can “commune” with the machine better when I can really feel the pedal.

  4. Glad to hear I’m not the only barefoot sewer! I wouldn’t think of walking on the beach with shoes on so why would I want to quilt with shoes on. You need to experience the whole thing!

  5. I always have to remove my shoes for comfy quilting. I think I have more control that way, but I also get hot, especially with what I call quilt wrestling and having my feet on the cooler floor helps keep me a bit more comfy.

    • In addition to being more comfortable, I think you get more precise control. I do know what you mean-wrestling with a quilt is like exercise sometimes–I wonder how many calories you burn???

  6. Agreed! Also use socks during cold weather then find myself walking around lopsided — one shoe on, one off! Also, pls. show us how to do bluebird. It’s so cute. Hope your hand is better.

  7. Must try barefoot! Maybe that’s why I find it so difficult. So glad I found your blog–it’s wonderful. Thank you for all the great information that you so willingly share.

  8. My friend and I were just discussing this.We love barefoot and living in the Desert going barefoot is a given! Sewing barefoot too.

  9. I Too am a barefoot sewer, at our charity quilt day last time the woman next to me plugged her nose when I took my shoes off. lol She was kidding, or so I hope.

  10. Barefoot quilting is not recommended.. I once had to get 13 stitches in my bare foot. When I dropped thee rotary cutter on my foot. I had to explain to the e.r. Dr. What. Cut me. I was his 1st quilting injury.

  11. I have always sewn barefoot. In fact when I bought my Bernina and took the classes that came with the machine, the instructor looked at me in HORROR when I took my right shoe off to drive. I explained that I just can’t sew with my shoe off. It was funny to because after I did that a few other ladies did as well!!

    Oh and your blog followers are not the only one in love with that partridge! My 6 year old son is now DEMANDING that I sew it. He loves it too.

    • I think your instructor should give it a try! I can’t sew with my shoe on!
      I’m so glad to hear you like the partridge–and what a clever son you have! Very discerning…

  12. I have always sewn without shoes, barefooting it. Now if I have shoes on it all feels so wrong and I have trouble sewing. Glad to hear so many others are the same way.

  13. Going to try this to see if I “feel” the difference! haha! Live a couple frozen tundras to the West of you and my feet are always cold too so I always have on slippers or something. Hmmm…wonder what else I can ditch…the bra might be next…haha…JK!

  14. I don’t even know if I could quilt with shoes on, love being barefoot. I use old sewing machines and if you are quilting for a while you will feel the foot heat up. To me that is a sign to take a little break.

  15. I remember sewing on my grandma’s treadle machine in my bare feet. In fact, I started out with my shoes on, yet had a hard time treadling because my feet were too stiff. After taking shoes and socks off, my toes could grip the grating and my sewing went as a dream. Stop and go were quick and speed was well managed.

    I sure miss her treadle machine.

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  17. I sew barefoot and now can’t sew with shoes on. When I wear shoes I have no idea how to control my speed. In the cold weather I wear socks to keep my feet warm.

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