Embellished Wool Leaves

Embellished Wool Leaves

I know Christmas is less than six weeks away, but I’m not quite ready to give up on the gorgeous colors that Autumn so generously shares with us.

Embellished Wool Leaves

Yesterday, I did a little experimentation with materials and techniques I don’t use very often:  wool, yarn and the Bernina #21 Braiding foot.

Embellished Wool Leaves

While I have a few things to work out, I think this technique has a lot of possibilities.  I wish the Braiding foot moved more like free motion quilting…

Embellished Wool Leaves

 I hope you have time to wander down a new path today.  Never know what (or who) you’ll find!


13 thoughts on “Embellished Wool Leaves

  1. Very pretty and cool. I am looking forward to seeing this project when it is done – you always seem to finish with a flourish. Happy Fall- when is it officially Winter?
    How is the finger?

  2. Wow! Now you need to get an embellishing machine (gggg) that needle felts your leaves! Right now Superior Threads has their Glitter threads on sale (they only work in the bobbin, but they are stunning! These would also add lots of extra interest to your leaves. Great ideas! Now I need to get busy doodling!

  3. Really beautiful.

    After attending “A Day with Ricky Timms” I bought the Bernina couching foot and wonder if it’s what you’re after. Not that I’ve used it myself in the 3.5 months I’ve owned it, so I can’t speak to it personally.

  4. Lori!
    Get in your car and to your local Bernina dealer — treat yourself to an early Christmas gift of Bernina’s foot #43 free motion couching foot does exactly what you want — it stitches right through the middle of the cording or whatever you are using in free motion style! The Bernina website may have a short video on it . I have one and love it!!! Suzanna — give your foot a whirl — it’s fun!!! I have used it with yarn but prefer the Hilos La Espiga 100% nylon cording No. 18 7oz. — Hobby Lobby sells it multi colors and solids — some quilt shops sell it too . . .

  5. I’m with you! I refuse, almost literally, to think about Christmas until after my most favorite holiday – Thanksgiving! Your work is beautiful and perfect for the season. hope you are healing!

    • I love Christmas, but hate that we see it for so many weeks ahead of time that it is almost anti-climatic when in arrives. I love Thanksgiving, too–the colors, the food, the football. There’s plenty of time for Christmas–unless you are making quilts for Christmas–

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