Free Motion Quilting Tutorial-The Chevron

Free motion quilting tutorial, ChevronIt’s Tuesday–and that can mean only one thing here at The Inbox Jaunt--It’s time for another FREE free motion quilt tutorial!  Today we are stitching The Chevron.  The Chevron is a beginner free motion quilt motif, and whether you are stitching on a domestic sewing machine like I do ( I stitch on a Bernina 820) or on a long arm machine, you will find this lovely pattern fast and fun.  When stitched in rows in looks like a herringbone pattern.  Perhaps that is why I think of it as an autumn pattern??

Like the Two Triangles  free motion quilt tutorial from last week, The Chevron looks fabulous on any quilt with triangles.   Also, it easily morphs into a gorgeous pine tree or Christmas tree. 

Free motion quilting tutorial, Chevron Begin by drawing three evenly spaced lines to serve as guidelines or “rails”.  In the sample below, the rails are 1/2 inch apart.

Start sewing on the left rail and stitch a straight line up to the middle rail.  Next, stitch down to the right rail and back up to the center rail.  Stop here to plan…

Free motion quilting tutorial, ChevronNext, stitch a straight line down and to the left rail –a short distance above your beginning stitches.

NOTE:  Your stitched lines will not be parallel-this is a “wobbly” triangle.

Free motion quilting tutorial, ChevronNext, stitch back to the center rail, slightly above your previous line of stitching.

Free motion quilting tutorial, ChevronContinue this way until you complete the row.  I usually stitch from the bottom of my quilt upward, but this pattern is easy to stitch sideways and upside down.

NOTE:  In order to get sharp points, pause at each point before reversing direction.  This takes a bit of practice-but YOU can do it!

Free motion quilting tutorial, Chevron

 By stitching several rows in opposite directions-we create a herringbone look very swiftly.

Free motion quilting tutorial, Chevron

 Also, it is very easy to make Christmas trees using The Chevron free motion quilt stitch.  Simply make the chevrons smaller and smaller as you stitch upward.  Add a star and a tree trunk and you have a quick pine tree for your Cabin Quilt or Christmas Quilt.

Free motion quilting tutorial, Chevron

Play around with the size of the trees and soon you’ll have your own forest…

Free motion quilting tutorial, Chevron

Have fun with this quick and easy free motion quilt tutorial, and stop by tomorrow--I am working on a mini quilt with trees and wrapped presents!

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Also, remember–you can access all of the tutorials by clicking the quilted apple icon on the sidebar or from the header-“quilts and tutorials”.

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  1. blanca: me encantan tus tutoriales, es más me has echo ser una admiradora de tus trabajos para patchworks o quiltings, a los cuales ahora me dedicare con mi maquina nueva, besos, que te repongas de tu dedo y espero anciosa màs cosas en tu blog.Una argentina admiradora reciente.te googlee y te pinterest y pido permiso para ponerte en mi picasa. besos. hasta pronto.

  2. I am sooooo happy that I “found” your blog. Your tutorials are fantastic! I am just jumping into fmq, and I find that I can follow you so easily. Thank you!

    • I am soooo happy that YOU found us! (please spread the word to all of your “quilty” friends) If you ever need any help or have any questions, let me know! We want to spread the good word about FMQ fun!

  3. Hi Lori, I’m new to your blog, fairly new to fmq and also from MN (Apple Valley). Really enjoy your tutorials. I am learning so much having fun in the process. Thank You!

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